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A London law firm is said to have investigated allegations that senior lawyers abused a waiter at the Cardiff restaurant

A London law firm has opened an investigation into allegations that some of its lead lawyers abused a 22-year-old manager at a restaurant in Cardiff, it has been reported. Ince, a London law firm, confirmed to The Telegraph that a formal investigation had been opened after Lee Skeet, who runs Cora in the Pontcanna area, complained that some staff had subjected Lily Griffiths to a ” inappropriate behavior” after a visit.

Last week, the owner tweeted the email he had sent to the business, saying that Lily, a member of staff at the house, had been “reported, disrespected and touched in an unwanted way”. He later clarified that the “touching” he was referring to involved one of the six “aggressively grabbing him by the arm”.

The Telegraph reports that the firm traveled to Cardiff for a two-day management meeting for Ince’s lead solicitors and racked up a £1,000 bill during their visit after the party consumed seven bottles of wine . Originally Lee offered to return the £1,000 to the party – minus a £100 tip for their waiter after a tip was not left for him – but later decided against it and gave the full amount to Lily.

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Lee Skeet with restaurant manager Lily Griffith

Lily said of the incident: “He used humiliating tactics, trying to degrade me for the work I love to do. He was like, ‘How do you make a living?’ to that and ‘Why don’t you work seven nights a week?’ It was heartbreaking – I had put up with this demeaning attitude while I served them seven courses. I was even told to “put my schnoz in there” after they complained about one of the wines I gave them. served on the seven-course tasting menu.”

Following that visit, Ince reportedly launched an “official investigation” into the matter. A spokesperson for Ince told the Telegraph: “The company has been made aware of allegations in the media of senior executives attending a dinner party on Wednesday evening. The independent directors have therefore opened a formal investigation. As long as it is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

Restaurant owner Lee praised Lily for how she handled the situation. In an update shared on his Instagram page, he said: “She spoke with confidence and class to countless journalists on TV and radio, never missing a beat to lead the restaurant to the highest level. I just hiding and cooking. This all happened because of her class and integrity and I am in awe of the young lady that she is. Well done buddy. You are literally an inspiration to so many people.”

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