London ball

Admire London’s gigantic and terrifying Space Orb Stadium

A rendering of the MSG Sphere venue in London

London is getting a massive orb-shaped stadium with a capacity of 21,500 providing a ‘multi-sensory experience’ for its future attendees, most of whom are likely to be there for U2, cold playconcerts of John Williams soundtracks, and very few others.

Designed by the Madison Square Garden Entertainment Group, the MSG Sphere looks as disturbing as its name is contradictory (Madison SQUARE Garden Sphere? What the heck?), and when finished, it will apparently be able to stream video all over its surface. outside, so local passers-by will have no choice but to learn who an “Imagine Dragon” really is.

It’s not the first weird monolithic sphere either – another is being built in Las Vegas, which at least makes somewhat more sense, aesthetically and economically. The MSG Sphere’s sizzle reel crushes a lot of people lovingly gazing at their big shiny balls with various awesome weather events to indicate how intense said big shiny ball will be. Check it out below.

Please note the no less than two (2) moments during the one-minute sales pitch in which a concert-goer/event attendee is depicted returning to their seat while gripping their armrests , as if to imply that “the MSG Sphere experience borders on traumatic levels of entertainment.

It’s unclear exactly when the new MSG Sphere will hit the people of London, although it’s safe to say it won’t be for at least a few more years – the Sphere in Vegas was first announced in 2018, and has since been delayed for pandemic and supply chain issues. Speaking of which: while we hope around 2026 will be safe enough to stand amid 21,499 others loyal BTS fans…the last two months haven’t really given us much hope.

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