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An exclusive Bridgerton themed afternoon tea in London

By IANSlife

New Delhi, March 13 (IANSlife): The Lanesborough, London, has announced the latest in its innovative series of seasonal afternoon teas, inspired by Netflix’s hit show “Bridgerton”,

Created in partnership with Netflix and Shondaland, the limited edition tea will pay homage to the Regency era; a time of great celebration and style, of elegant parties, balls and grand dinners, with a contemporary twist.

Bridgerton Tea at the Lanesborough.

Launching on March 25, Bridgerton’s Afternoon Tea will be held in the Lanesborough’s ornate dining room, naturally illuminated during the day by a domed glass roof, yet alluring under dimly lit chandeliers. illuminated at night. A Regency icon in the capital, beneath the original skydome are meticulously cast bas-relief artwork from 250 different mouldings, and Wedgwood porcelain mounted on the walls, evoking a sense of neoclassical grandeur of the Regency.

Carefully crafted by The Lanesborough’s pastry chef, Kevin Miller, the menu will pay homage to key ‘Bridgerton’ families, in addition to ‘Lanesborough House’ as we know it now, built in 1825 in the classic style fashionable by William Wilkins at the height of the Regency era and today London’s quintessential Regency building.

The mini bun sandwiches and sliders will include Coronation Chicken, Fresh Cilantro, Clarence Court Egg Mayonnaise, Old Fashioned Mustard, Smoked Salmon, Horseradish, Watercress, Organic Cucumber, natural yogurt, mint, rare roast beef slider, black pepper mayonnaise and onion seeds.

Bridgerton Tea at the Lanesborough.

To complement The Lanesborough’s savory flavors and delicious scones, creams and jams, Miller’s cake and sweets concept will include five highlights.

. The Queen’s Diamond – dedicated to the star of the season, celebrating big holidays and style. Exquisite artisanal chocolate blended with honey, green cardamom and white chocolate ganache, presented in a beautiful jewel-colored ring box, is a nod to Edwina Sharma, this season’s diamond.

. The Rake – in honor of Viscount Anthony, The Rake is a cake of distinction – a real big spender – beautiful and refined. A dandy white shirt wrapped in a crisp suit with a dashing cream tie, the delicious cake is chocolate shortbread with a milk chocolate mousse and a center burst of whipped passion fruit curd. It is finished in a dark chocolate icing, a necklace of chocolate chips and a passion fruit whipped cream tie.

A True Love Match – a British staple inspired by the exquisite Queen Charlotte, A True Love Match is an elegant, wide classic Charlotte sponge cake constructed from a delicious light vanilla sponge, layered seasonally with strawberry jam and twisted vanilla cream.

The Lady Whistledown – a nod to Lady Whistledown, Bridgerton’s high-society narrator and chronicler, this cake reflects her inkwell and quill pen. Inside, a pistachio financier and a pistachio mousse, coated in milk chocolate and cocoa butter.

All is Fair in Love & War – the star of the show sitting atop the cake stand, All is Fair in Love & War celebrates the Bridgerton family and is pale blue in colour, embossed with a bee – the symbol of Bridgerton. The concept traces back to the earliest known origin of the “all is fair in love in war” sentiment, found in poet John Lyly’s 1579 novel, Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit. This dessert is to share for two; a rose water cheesecake with a burst of raspberry jelly in the center, on a crispy base coated in powdered blue white chocolate. The question is, who gets the biggest slice? After all, all is fair in love and war…

The Pall Mall cocktail

Inspired by the original Regency Gin Punch, the essential cocktail that was part of daily social life during the Regency period, Lanesborough Barmaster Mickael Perron created The Pall Mall cocktail; a refreshing recipe combining Hendrick’s gin & Graham Blend No5 white port, balanced with citrus and a subtle sweetness. The delicious concoction is served in an elegant glass teacup, complete with a tea strainer filled with dried hibiscus flowers to infuse the drink with a dewy color. Finally, the cocktail is garnished with a floating arrangement of lotus flowers – India’s national flower that holds a unique place in Indian culture – another nod to the Sharmas.

The Pall Mall – Alcohol Free

Generously presented tropical punch prepared with Atopia non-alcoholic spirits, ginger and rhubarb and hedge berries. Gracefully blended with London Essence Roasted Pineapple Soda, Lychee, Passion Fruit and Citrus. Served with an infusion of butterfly pea flower, for a graceful finish.

Bridgerton Afternoon Tea in Lanesborough is on offer from £65pp; from £76 pp with The Pall Mall cocktail; or from £80 pp with a glass of house champagne. Children’s afternoon tea menu from £35 pp for children under 12. For more information and to book visit or call +44 (0)20 7259 5599. Advance booking is absolutely essential to avoid serious disappointment and possible social embarrassment.