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Arena Games London 2022 results: Justus Nieschlag impresses again – Elite News

If the Arena Games format of triathlon is unpredictable, it is clear that no one had told the German Justus Nieschlag. He raced three times before today, with a record of 1st, 2nd, 3rd. He really is the king of the podium.

This kind of consistency is no coincidence and his victory today at the Arena Games Triathlon Series powered by Zwift London, was well deserved. Using his strength as a cyclist, he took control of Stage 2 of the Finals and never seemed to lose it.

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Stage 1: Yee takes a narrow lead

Munich’s ‘Best Breakthrough Act’ where he finished second overall, Max Stapley (AUS) led the way through the opening 200m swim of Stage 1, a regular swim/bike/run. Unofficially, we recorded it around 2:03, with Alex Yee a bit further back, but still below 2:10 on our clock. He was going to be in on it from the start.

Impressive in the heats, Nicolo Strada (ITA) showed no fear in the Final, perhaps inspired by Stapley’s youthful success in Germany. Hitting the front of the bike, he had a clear lead of about seven seconds as the lead made the transition. Behind, Alex Yee, Justus Nieschlag (GER) and Takomi Hojo (JPN) set off in (virtual) pursuit.

We know Yee can run, but apparently motivated by his underperformance in Munich, he was absolutely flying on the treadmill, well over 13 mph and intent on making the most of his incredible running skills. race. A 2:36 run brought Yee up front, with Nieschlag (third in Munich) still just three seconds behind.

Stage 2: Justus (bike) comes back strong

Nieschlag has a lot of experience and success in Arena Games events, and if Stage 2 in reverse order started with a race, he wasn’t going to let Yee’s Fleet Feet just run away with it.

Alex Yee, Justus Nieschlag, Arena Games London 2022

Always impressive on the bike, Justus went all-in on the run, then upped the tempo on the bike, using the no-draft setting to his advantage with huge watt/kg numbers. With a deficit to make up from Stage 1, the German was intent on spoiling hometown hero Yee’s comeback party and built himself a 10-second lead on the bike.

Typically faster in the water than the Briton, was Nieschlag preparing for a winning advantage before the pursuit-style start of the third and final leg? Once the scores were added up, he would start Stage 3 with a 16 second lead. It was going to require something extraordinary (and unlikely) from the ‘Yee Boy’ to reverse that deficit, given the form the German was showing.

Bike Justus Nieschlag Arena Games Triathlon London 2022

Behind the leading duo, third place was up for grabs with Strada, Stapley, Heuber and Henseleit just seconds apart at positions three through six.

Step 3: Nieschlag brings it home in style

A good swim to start the final race of the day from Nieschlag only extended his advantage over Yee, and when the lead widened further to approach 30 seconds during the bike leg, there would be no there was no fairy tale victory for Alex in London today, despite the best efforts of the large partisan crowd.

Justus Nieschlag Arena Games Triathlon London 2022 Swimming

With a big lead, Nieschlag had the race in his pocket just 1km from the finish and Yee – clear of the battle for third place – knew second place was assured, victory now out of the question. Even a miracle run wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

The London title duly went to the impressive German Justus Nieschlag, who continues to prove himself as one of the most consistent racers in the Arena Games Triathlon format. Winner of inaugural event in Rotterdam (2020) second in London (2021), third in Munich (2022) and now top of the podium in London. Four podiums in four starts.

He will be a strong contender for the eSports World Championship title in Singapore in two weeks.

Arena Games London - Men Results

Arena Games London 2022 results

Final, Men: Saturday 23 April 2022

  • 1. Justus Nieschlag (Germany)
  • 2. Alex Yee (GBR) +0:29.3
  • 3. Nicolo Strada (ITA) +0:53.2
  • 4. Maxime Hueber-Moosbrugger (FRA) +1:01
  • 5. Simon Henseleit (GER) +1:09
  • 6. Max Stapley (Australia) +1:13
  • 7. Takumi Hojo (JPN) +1:25
  • 8. Jeremy Briand (CAN) +1:38
  • 9. Gordon Benson (GBR) +2:06
  • 10. Harry Leleu (GBR) +2:24
Arena Games Triathlon London 2022 Podium Women