London ball

Arlesey Town defeats London Colney for new boss Martin Standen

4:55 p.m. December 18, 2021

If Carlsberg dreamed of a managerial debut, then that was it.

Martin Standen’s first match in the hot seat at Arlesey Town ended in a 5-1 win over London Colney in the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division.

It was also a decent return to the Blues for Charlie Moss who netted a hat-trick in the first half before Archie Sayer and substitute Cillian Webb wrapped things up in the second half.

Mickey Shuttlewood’s 79th-minute goal was deserved consolation, but the injured Blueboys were taught a lesson in front of goal.

London Colney game action with Arlesey Town.

The first selection for the former Harpenden Town boss’s squad, and until October defender Colney Heath, saw four changes from Adam Randall who beat Holmer Green last time around.

Freed from his role as guardian, Randall was one of those to come, alongside Archie Sayer, Charlie Moss and Brett O’Connor.

They replaced Tom Millett, Edward Nash, Alex Taylor and week-long treble hero Reece Cameron.

There have also been four changes for London Colney.

Samuel Fearon-McCaulsky, Ross Mercer, Jack Mace and Kambo Smith were the men who replaced Montel Joseph, Jimmy Hartley, Andre Odetola and Herbie Townsend.

Every manager wants to see their team start well, but even that was probably beyond Standen’s wildest dreams – and Moss’s too.

The Blueboys kicked off but spat the ball instantly down the halfway line.

From there he was recycled quickly to the left and when the cross arrived from Sayer he found his way to Moss in the middle who walked aside.

Her second was lucky and the lack of celebration proved it.

Picking up the ball to the right of the 18-yard penalty area, his cross-to-center attempt veered toward goal, knocking down Fearon-McCausky and falling over his head.

His hat-trick came four minutes from half-time and came down to the left side, an area that proved to be very profitable for the Blues.

He’s from Reece Crowter and seems to come out until Sayer keeps him alive.

He handed it to the middle to Moss who took a touch before turning around and scratching it low to the left of the keeper.

There were other chances before that for Arlesey, both for Sayer, but his first, a downhill head, was prevented by Fearon-McCaulsky’s legs before Colney’s man stopped an effort that took him down. was directly led when Sayer entered the one-on-one.

But this was by no means one-way traffic and if the hosts had been as clinical in the box as their visitors it would have been a different story.

Kambo Smith sent a goal from the left and wide while from a somewhat similar position Finbar King hit the side net.

Mace had his best chance on a tilted free kick, but in the home stretch his effort was stymied by fast advancing Ryan Hilliard.

Colney had to do something and boss Jack Metcalfe made two substitutions early in the second half in an attempt to turn things around.

Hopes that they would have a positive effect lasted three minutes when Sayer finally scored the goal he was threatening, shooting low to the keeper’s left from inside the box.

The goal visibly sank the morale of the home side and although there was a brief exchange it did not bring any real chances.

And Arlesey showed no slackening in his ability to turn chances into goals with a superb strike from Webb, just a minute into the game.

He moved the ball a yard to his right foot before hitting a drilled effort through the keeper and inside.

Bruno Brito saved Fearon-McCaulsky with a shot that headed for the upper corner before Colney pulled one out, with Shuttlewood having too much time to hit home a free kick delivered into the six-yard box.

It was the only black mark of the day, which Hilliard was particularly not happy with, but it was a small gripe on a big day for the club and their new boss.

London Colney: Fearon-McCaulsky, Simmons, Makuku (Gill 46), Mercer (Odetola 46), Armstrong, Shuttlewood, Mace (Tolley 66), Olaleye, King, Montvydas, Smith.

Subtitle (not used): Coughlan.

Goal: Shuttlewood 79

Booked: Shuttlewood 65, Olaleye 76

City of Arlesey: Hilliard, Gharmarinezhad, Lamond (Tuttle 70), Revels, Randall, Ziboud, Sayer, Brito, Moss (Webb 68), O’Connor (Millett 70), Crowter.

Subtitle (not used): Metso.

Goals: Moss 1, 17, 41, Sayer 48, Webb 69

Reserved: Randall 57

HT: London Colney 0 Arlesey Town 3

Referee: Sam Laidler (Chelmsford)