London party

‘Blatant stupidity’: Hundreds of students attend London St party

Dunedin Police called an out-of-control student party last night ‘blatant stupidity’.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said police attended a large party on London St at 11.45pm.

It was estimated that more than 300 students were present in the backyard of the property.

No QR codes were present for people to scan and no one was counting the number of people present.

The nine housemates at the address were ‘difficult to deal with’ and claimed they did not know what their responsibilities were.

They initially denied any wrongdoing before finally admitting they had done ‘everything wrong’ and the party had spiraled out of control, Snr Sgt Bond said.

The decision to throw such a big party was an act of ”blatant stupidity” given recent hotspots in the student area, he said.

Police will return today to speak to all occupants once they have sobered up.

Investigations are still ongoing and decisions on who will be held responsible have yet to be made, but police have also referred the housemates to the overseer’s office in the meantime.

A witness said he was on his way home when he drove past the party and saw police cars outside.

He saw crowds of people leaving the party and heaps of trash on the streets.

He felt the decision to hold the party was irresponsible given the situation with Covid and the lack of mask-wearing by revelers.

He thought that the owner of the apartment should take more responsibility for the behavior of the tenants.

A tenant of the apartment declined to comment.

Shortly after, police attended a party at a Pitt St address where around 50 people were present in a small garage and on the street.

No effort was made to comply with Covid-19 protection framework regulations and police noted poor attitudes from occupants.

The police will also visit this apartment when they have sobered up and referred the roommates to the supervisors office.

However, Snr Sgt Bond praised the responsible attitude of the students in the Castle St area after an ‘extremely quiet night’.

No large parties were held in the area and police would like to thank residents who canceled a party that was to be held at an address in Castle St.

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