London party

Boris Johnson’s birthday party surely had Colin the Caterpillar Cake

It’s time to release 200 words to justify the attachment of the head of the British Prime Minister to the most famous chocolate caterpillar that has ever existed on this beautiful earth.

Boris Johnson is being further investigated by Sue Gray and the Metropolitan Police, after ITV News revealed he attended a surprise ‘birthday party’ with cake, the “M&S picnic food” and, above all, other humans in the summer of 2020, doing so was not allowed. It’s the latest in a string of parties at 10 Downing Street that appear to break Covid-19 lockdown rules set by 10 Downing Street on several occasions over the past 20 months.

That the food comes from M&S – Britain’s Marks and Spencer supermarket, for readers off this island, gaping and dismayed that a political leader might find his head attached to an insect made of flour, butter and sugar – makes it almost guaranteed that the birthday The cake in question was the most famous birthday cake in the country: A chocolate, Colin the caterpillar Swiss roll. It’s a cake that has sparked lawsuits, and one that Johnson is in good shape for: he celebrated with it in 2015, when the mayor of London:

It is, of course, infinitely funnier that this account is the official “Mayor of London” account, and not Johnson’s. And while the endless laugh at Johnson’s expense is unlikely to last, as he will somehow escape the consequences of this repeated party as other people were arrested for sitting on benched and unable to be with their loved ones in their final moments, as this is how this cursed country operates, it’s always something to consider: