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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party tends to its wounds after losing key seats in London

The Conservative Party is nursing its wounds after losing some key Tory strongholds.

Battered by scandals such as ‘Partygate’ and amid doubts over Boris Johnson’s handling of the cost of living crisis, the party has been punished by voters who may have viewed the May 5 election as a referendum on the leadership of the Prime Minister.

The Tories ceded key seats to Labour, including the South West London borough of Wandsworth, dubbed Margaret Thatcher’s favorite council and held by the Tories since 1978. Labor also won Westminster, a council Held by the Conservatives since its inception in 1964, and a flagship of the Conservatives. Barnet district. The Liberal Democrats also made gains, regaining control of Hull, ending a decade of Labor rule.

LILY City heavyweights are embittered at Boris Johnson after ‘Partygate’

The losses for the Tories have been notable as London’s major councils are home to some of the UK’s most sought-after property – home to bankers, lawyers and other city greats.

There were signs of discontent from the city. Veteran private equity boss Jon Moulton said Financial News ahead of last month’s election that the Prime Minister is seen as a “passive” and that “only the absence of a good alternative deters action”.

Other City heavyweights also weighed in, saying they were worried about Johnson’s grip on the job following the ‘Partygate’ scandal when it was revealed that he and others government officials had attended rallies during strict pandemic lockdowns across the country.

As election results began to trickle in, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said the party had reached a ‘turning point’, while Johnson said results for the Tories had been ‘mixed’ and, in some places, “difficult”.

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