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Boxing pioneer turned detective Bower celebrates London Sport Award nomination

Wimbledon wonder Rachel Bower saw her perceptual exploits in the boxing world recognized with a nomination for a London Sport Award.

Detective by day, pioneer of amateur sport by night, Bower is the head coach of the Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club which was shortlisted for the Uniting London Award, in association with Sport England, ahead of the Guildhall ceremony on December 6th.

Rathbone, who is based at the Camden Boxing Club, uses his crucial outreach arm to instill confidence in the LGBTQ + community and promote the benefits of social inclusion through boxing, regardless of your background.

The club’s “Fier to #FightTogether” program sees them hosting LGBTQ + friendly sessions that fight concerns to make community members feel welcome in a sport that hasn’t always been so historic.

And Bower, 38, said: “Rathbone really means a lot to me.

“I really like the inclusive community that we have built in the club as a whole. It’s really important to expand that because I feel really passionate about extending the benefits of boxing to everyone, no matter who they are, what they look like or where they come from.

“It’s about getting them to a welcoming and tolerant place – showing them that they can benefit from boxing and helping them develop their skills, fitness and confidence.

“The work that we do here is really important to us – we want to show people that it is inclusive. Boxing has traditionally been a fairly masculine sport, and gyms can sometimes seem unwelcoming.

“It’s really important for us to reach out to people and let them know that everyone is welcome here.

On what it meant to be recognized in the form of being nominated for a London Sport Award, in association with the City of London Corporation, Bower added: “We are really proud of how we came out of this time. very difficult in confinement, and come out much stronger than we entered.

“It’s nice to know that what we’re doing is really making a difference. ”

Over the past five years, the annual London Sport Awards, in association with the City of London Corporation, have become the largest celebration of physical activity and community and community sport in the city.

And this year’s flagship event will recognize, celebrate and highlight the stories of incredible individuals, groups and organizations for their outstanding work in the capital, helping Londoners of all ages and backgrounds to be physically active. .

Rathbone ABC are champions of inclusion and use their weekly sessions – held every Sunday afternoon – to promote the benefits of boxing for all.

The club provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ + community and fosters a welcoming, warm and well-being environment that continues to lead the way.

Rathbone is a strong advocate for the use of social media as a way to boost their reach, with their inspiring perceptions changing feats even rewarded with a visit from Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Jill Leflour, from Normandy, France, is a dedicated participant who believes Rathbone’s impact has been essential in helping her regain confidence in the ring.

The 24-year-old, who now lives in the capital, said: “Rathbone has been a safe space for me to come back to boxing.

“I found the sessions and they really allowed me to immerse myself in boxing in an inclusive space. It was really nice to be able to train with such an inclusive team and with such great coaches.

“It’s so important what we do here. I don’t think I would have returned to boxing without Rathbone.

The London Sport Awards, in association with the City of London Corporation, shine the spotlight on unsung heroes in the community who help Londoners from all walks of life experience the benefits of physical activity and sport. Find out more about the awards and how London Sport aims to make London the most physically active city in the world at #Leave your mark