London celebrations

Bridgwater Jubilee Pageant dancer ‘proud’ to join London celebrations

A CART DANCER from the Bridgwater Carnival Jubilee Pageant has spoken of the ‘proud moment’ when she joined in celebrations of 70 years of Queen’s reign in London.

Sue Duddridge danced in front of the carriage which joined the pageant parade to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last week.

Sue has previously said the Jubilee has always been “a family affair” for her family since her father, David Hodge, was one of the soldiers marching on Coronation Day in 1953.

She was part of the pageant parade with her daughter Christie and her husband Barry, who helped build the carriage that traveled to London.

She said: “It was such a privilege to do it, it was absolutely out of this world. The atmosphere was great, everyone was buzzing, it was awesome.

She admitted she felt “nervous”, but once the show started, she realized she was finally participating in something she had “tirelessly” prepared.

Sue said: ‘I was in front of the cart and I was wearing a 60s dress while my daughter was wearing a 50s dress.

“When we were in the parade waiting to leave, there were other people and we were waiting for other buses.

“We were waiting and waiting and we were nervous, but suddenly we went and when we went down Big Ben I thought ‘we’re doing it now. I do what I set out to do”. It was a proud moment.

Sue Duddridge in London

“We shared the experience, all three. We all worked tirelessly, and my husband also put his mark on the cart.

Sue also said the ceremony made her think of her father.

David Hodge was part of the Somerset Infantry. He was one of the soldiers parading at the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

Being part of the platinum jubilee celebrations made her think about her dad “all day”.

Sue said: “When I was there my dad was on my mind and I hoped he looked down on me and I hope I made him proud. I thought about him all day.