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Want to culture after dark? Getting to the Museum of London late is the best way to experience history, culture and art – these are the best things to experience.

Want to explore London’s museums without the crowds and dreaded traveling school children? We hear you. Plan a visit to one of London’s latest museum events, some are weekly and most are monthly.

Lectures, workshops, live performances, film screenings and games are all part of London’s latest museums, and these are the best ones you should visit.

Ready for some after-hours fun?

London Museum Lates you must visit

London Transport Museum

Transport Museum

Want to hop on a vintage bus after hours? Some Friday evenings London Transport Museum welcomes you for its nocturnal evenings. London Transport Museum adult-only outings are always themed and linked to collections or temporary exhibitions.

The latter are filled with conferences, workshops and activities related to the theme of the exhibition and will not fail to arouse your curiosity. Have a drink at the bar and mingle with other passengers on board empty trains and vintage red London buses.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

On the last Friday of each month (usually) you can hang out with dinosaurs and other after-hours specimens at Natural History Museum.

These late Fridays will see you playing realistic virtual games, snacking on board games and having a drink under the iconic blue whale skeleton. Discover more about the museum through pop-up science stations and learn more about the Laggards theme through a live, interactive chat session.

The best part? Late admission to the Natural History Museum is free, but you will need to book your ticket in advance.


Opposite the South Kensington Natural History Museum is the VIRGINIA. Art, design, and performance are the daily bread of the V&A, and the best way to explore here is late at night.

On the last Friday of the month, V&A organizes a spectacular event not to be missed. On Friday night, this London museum celebrates all things contemporary, from visual culture to design.

Prepare to be wowed by live performances surrounded by mesmerizing installations. You will listen to debates by emerging artists and designers. It’s not just about talking, as DJs are on hand to keep things lively.

All V&A events are free – just drop by.

science museum

Science Museum the latter are reserved for adults and always themed. On the last Wednesday of each month, you have the opportunity to explore the galleries after hours.

Each delay is filled with events ranging from quizzes to games and cabaret shows, all in keeping with the theme of the delay. Whatever the theme, Science Museum parties always include a pub quiz and a legendary silent disco.

Some cafes in the museum also stay open late for light snacks and snacks and general admission tickets are always free, but you may have to pay for some activities.

Tate Galleries

Great Britain

Once every two months, Great Britain keeps its doors open for Late at Tate Britain.

These latest museums in London offer a variety of fun activities, lectures, workshops and live DJs with the aim of attracting young professionals.

The Tate Modern also organizes its own evening parties – they take place once a month on Fridays and are part of London’s nightlife. Uniqlo Lates make exhibitions, talks and live music accessible to everyone and have become a mainstay of its monthly calendar of events.

Tate Britain Lates and Uniqlo Lates are free events. However, there may be times when you need to book a free ticket.

English Museum

British Museum, London

The British Museum stays open late every Friday so you can see the exhibits without the crowds. But, the British Museum has late-night special events from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for its calendar of events.

Laggards here usually follow a particular theme with a series of workshops and lectures to get involved with. There were also film screenings and games.

Delays at the British Museum usually cost £5, which you can book online ahead of the event.


The Saatchi Gallery keeps its doors open after hours with a series of regular delays. Saatchi allows visitors to see all of its current exhibits plus a few more added just for late visitors.

Meetings with artists and live performances are at the heart of these events – the latest Saatchi are an immersive artistic experience. Previous events have hosted a sound-led multi-sensory experience, including installations and video artists.

Saatchi welcomes walk-in visitors but you can also book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment

Sir John’s Soane Museum London

Probably our favorite late-night London museum events – explore Sir John’s Soane Museum after hours at one of its candlelight parties.

The museum organizes a different end of the month each month which explores a different theme of the collection within the museum. Hear the atmospheric tales behind the collections with specially created content revealing Sir John Soane’s many, many secrets.

Tickets for Soane Lates are a bit pricey, but include a free glass of wine in the South Drawing dining room and photography is strongly encouraged at this candlelit event.

White Chapel Gallery

White Chapel Gallery is open until 9pm every Thursday, but on the first Thursday of every month you can enjoy a bit more than the standard galleries. The first Thursday of each month features special events including films, performances and curatorial visits.

The gallery is open until 9 p.m. and the refectory is open for eating and drinking until 11 p.m. and doubles as a wine bar. Walk-ins are welcome for the majority of Thursdays, but it is advisable to book tickets online for late Thursdays.

Bank of England Museum

Every third Thursday of the month, bank of england organizes a night around a different theme each month.

Bank of England Lates includes curator-led tours as well as talks on the current theme. Learn about the history of the Bank of England and the role it plays in the economy at its nightly events.

Some of the themes include slavery and banking, banknotes, and the museum is even known to hold Halloween-themed events. Scary.

Museum Collection Welcome

Being Human Gallery | Short: Wellcome Collection

The Welcome Collection is open late every Thursday, and that includes access to all of its exhibits. The regular night opening allows visitors to discover the history and contemporary exhibitions and collections.

The Wellcome Museum café also remains open late on Thursdays as well as the bookstore. Join one of the regular conversations or events in the famous Wellcome Collection Reading Room which is full of interesting books, art and artefacts.

design museum

On the first Friday of each month, the design museum hosts an exciting late night event until 9pm.

At the Design Museum lates, you can explore the exhibits and exhibits after hours, and the gift shops also stay open late. The best part of Design Museum’s Lates is the expert-guided sketch workshops.

Many interesting discussions take place throughout the evening about the exhibits as well as other special activities related to each event. Admission to the Design Museum is always free and no pre-booking is necessary, just show up.

Practical tips for chasing Cool Museum Nights in London

  • Keep up to date with London’s late night museums by regularly checking their websites for upcoming events. We also often feature the hottest ones on our site (wink, wink).
  • Check if you need to pre-book tickets to London museums before you go – no one wants to be turned away.

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