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Chinese toymaker Pop Mart heads to London to mark its European expansion plans

Chinese toymaker Pop Mart has opened its first store in the UK, fulfilling its plan to expand into Europe. Located on Shaftesbury Avenue in central London, the store officially welcomed customers from January 20. According to the brand, Skullpanda, Dimoo, Pucky and Hirono are the most popular series. To celebrate the opening of its UK operation, Pop Mart will launch its latest product Skullpanda Dark Maids and Mega collection 1000% Space Molly x Meilin • Cipher.

The brand has also reached out to customers in London in the past. Last year she attended MCM London Comic Con and DesignerCon UK, allowing customers in the UK capital to learn more about the brand. Currently, Pop Mart’s footprint spans 23 countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Looking ahead, Pop Mart said it will further expand to other markets and bring the joy of toys to the world.

However, during a recent campaign with KFC in China, the brand was criticized for its targeted collaboration by a consumer rights group in China. The China Consumers Association has urged the public to boycott KFC China’s recent collaboration with toymaker Pop Mart, which is offering dolls after customers bought blind canned meals. In a statement, the China Consumers Association said using limited-edition blind box sales to induce and condone the irrational and excessive purchase of meal sets by consumers goes against the law. public order, good customs and the spirit of the law.

He added that the association advocates that consumers actively establish an idea of ​​correct consumption, reinforce their consciousness of being frugal, practice the fight against food waste, choose a simple, moderate, green and low-emission lifestyle. carbon. Customers should also take social responsibility to save resources and protect the environment, according to the association.

Additionally, in mid-2021, Pop Mart apologized after receiving widespread public anger while questioning job applicants about their plans to have children, and if so, when. This question sparked a public outcry on Weibo with the accusation of making money from women while exploiting them. Netizens on Weibo said employers would worry about how an employee can balance life and work after giving birth to two or three children.

In response to public anger, Pop Mart said some of its branches did not follow internal policies in asking the question. On its official Weibo account, Hong Kong-listed Pop Mart said, “As a company whose consumers are predominantly female, we always respect women very much.”

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