London celebrations

City wants feedback on London fireworks regulations

The City of London is reviewing the current fireworks rules and is seeking public comment.

Stopped on PW11 fireworks determines the day and time London residents can set off fireworks and even the type you can buy.

Currently, the regulations allow the use of low-risk fireworks only on Victoria Day and Canada Day between dusk and 11 p.m., with two exceptions:

• Residents may obtain a permit to use fireworks on special occasions, such as weddings, or Council may authorize other dates through a by-law.

• Canada Day always falls on the first day of July rather than Monday, like most statutory holidays, and people often want to celebrate on the weekend. Therefore, when the holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, fireworks are allowed on the Saturday before Canada Day, when it falls on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, fireworks are allowed on Saturday following Canada Day.

Low-risk fireworks, or consumer fireworks, are common fireworks that the general public can buy and use in residential areas.

City staff want public comments to include what the community would like to see in the updated bylaw. The investigation is to be found here and is available until September.