London celebrations

‘Die Hard’ director to headline London’s first action festival

The first London Action Festival (July 28-31) will open with a screening of ‘Die Hard’, with director John McTiernan and other guests in attendance for a Q&A. McTiernan’s “Predator” will also be screened at the festival.

The visual effects of “Jurassic World: Dominion” will be explored via a masterclass from Senior Visualization Supervisor Pawl Fulker, Partner and Creative Director, Proof London Ltd and Dave Vickery, Visual Effects Supervisor, ILM, with participation from Director Colin Trevorrow . This roundtable is presented by Proof Inc. which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

With backing from UK studio MARV of ‘Kingsman’ director Matthew Vaughan, the festival will screen exclusive footage from their new action film ‘School Fight’, marking the directorial debut of stunt coordinator Damien Walters. Walters will give a masterclass on the transition from stunt professional to director and cast members Greg Townley and Bobby Holland Hanton, highly regarded stunt professionals in their own right, also join the panel.

Picturehouse Central will host the festival over its main weekend with additional events taking place at other major central London venues. These include Friday Night Showdown, at the Royal Geographical Society, combining group events, comedy, music and guest of honour, celebrating all things ‘action’; Write Club, featuring industry-leading writers who lay out the blueprint for any action movie or TV show in the form of a script; and Punch Above Your Weight – How to Make Your First Action Masterpiece, on how to make high-octane action movies on a budget.

Julian Alcantara, co-director and founder of the festival, said: “We will celebrate the skills and talent of those who bring action films and television to life. We see the festival as a way to show a much greater appreciation for those whose incredible work and accomplishments are rarely recognized during awards season, especially in the areas of stunt work and action design.

Ron Fogelman, co-director and founder of the festival, added: “This is going to be an exciting, fun and inspiring experience for audiences who love all things action. The very cinema that powers global entertainment deserves this level of attention and respect.

The Den of Geek news service is the main media sponsor of the event.

Den of Geek CEO Jennifer Bartner-Indeck said: “Our ethos at Den of Geek is ‘By experts, for fans’ and this is shared with the London Action Festival team. We look forward to being associated with this long overdue celebration of the skill, creativity, talent and bravery required to create the world’s most exciting content across film and television.

Broadcaster, critic and programmer Ashanti Omkar is the cultural curator of the festival.