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Doug Beattie may be right about direct rule, but if so, London must act

Newsletter Editorial

On pages 14 and 15, we report our last interview with the leader of a Unionist party.

The News Letter is neutral between the main Unionist parties. We wish them luck and hope that Unionist voters transfer widely between TUV, UUP and DUP.

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This week, Doug Beattie, a well-respected veteran, talks about the dangers of Stormont’s fall. He told our political editor Henry McDonald: “Think about it – the return of direct rule will have input from Dublin. I just can’t understand why people can’t and won’t see this. Those who want to destroy decentralization are taking a path that will not leave trade unionism in a stronger position.

This is a crucial point, indeed, it is difficult to dispute. But think for a moment what that means. This means that either the unionists perpetually yield to the nationalists. Or, if they draw a line in the sand and say no more, Stormont will fall and nationalism will get its way via Dublin.

It is a dreadful prospect. Knowledgeable observers say that London is really going to do something about the NI protocol, and soon. But what he needs to do most of all is send a message to Sinn Fein: that the Republicans may want NI to fail, but if they try to blackmail it out, they won’t get anything – nothing – via pro-nationalist ministers like Simon Coveney.