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Duffy London collaborates with Lois O’Hara on bespoke swing table

Wouldn’t meals be so much more fun if you ate on a swing table? Well, design studio Duffy London is collaborating with artist Lois O’Hara on a limited edition version of their iconic Swing Table for this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in May.

The bespoke design, guaranteed to evoke childhood nostalgia, will be displayed next to the entrance to Projects St James’ Green during the crowded design festival which showcases leading UK and international brands.

The Duffy London Swivel Table can be used in the meeting room, as a dining table or even outside (would you ever leave your garden if you had it installed?), with hanging chairs hanging from a hanging frame canopy around a solid top.

Known for her vibrant use of color and movement in her designs, O’Hara’s Painted Swivel Table is decorated with swirling, colorful patterns. A pastel pink hue covers the suspended frame, while a range of colors from pastel yellow to magenta and indigo blue form strong graphic shapes on both the swivel seats and the rectangular table.

“We are thrilled to work with Lois on this collaboration. At Duffy London, we love creating original designs — and this is no exception. Lois’ use of color and pattern really complements how we see the table as a practical and durable yet fun piece that is sure to capture the attention of guests at this year’s show,” said Christopher Duffy , owner of Duffy London.

Duffy London

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Duffy London

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O’Hara’s philosophy explores how colors can have positive effects on people and places by gently encouraging people to “move”; whether physically or emotionally. Duffy London’s collection of compelling pieces also displays movement and play by defying gravity and illusion, allowing the two designers to work perfectly hand in hand for this partnership.

duffy london collaboration swing table

Duffy London

With fans around the world, Google, Deliveroo and WeWork have already commissioned their own Swing Table designs for their offices.

Everything about the Swing Table is fully customizable, from the color of the frame to the chairs, seat cushions and shade. You can also choose whether you want a round or rectangular table, and it can be designed for outdoor and indoor use.

Clerkenwell Design Week takes place May 24-26, 2022. Visit for more information and discover the Swing Table collection at

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