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Easter Program MARCH 2022 – Edwin John, Wilson’s School

On April 23, MARS held its annual Easter program at St. Matthew’s Parish Hall, Redhill, after it took place virtually last year and was canceled the year before due to the pandemic.

MARS (Malayalee Association Redhill, Surrey) is an organization which was established 16 years ago with the aim of building community bonds and celebrating the culture, traditional of the state of Kerala in India, and has since flourished by organizing frequent gatherings throughout the year where members can enjoy food and entertainment (such as singing and dancing) as well as being able to socialize throughout the evening.

Last Saturday, the festivities began around 5:30 p.m., opening with a song of prayer, followed by a welcome speech – delivered by MARS President Stalin Pravila, who called for a minute’s silence to remember all relatives of members who have since died. the last Easter program in person, in 2019.

Shortly after the parting meal was served to everyone, many uplifting dances and heartfelt songs were performed in the hours that followed by members of all ages.

However, the real highlight of the evening came halfway through – the newly introduced fashion shows – marked by cheers from the amazed audience. Children and adults struck dazzling poses, bragging about their varied styles; the event was all the more impressive as it had been prepared in the shortest possible time.

Youth Executive Committee member Philip Joby was one of many who enjoyed the evening and particularly enjoyed the “South Indian dishes” he was “looking forward to the most”. He appreciated “seeing everyone in person again” versus “talking to each other via Zoom” like last year. However, he wished to “bring back the competitive elements of previous years” – a move which was canceled due to attendance doubts – “in order to improve the program for future years”.

It is hoped that MARS will continue to provide opportunities to socialize and celebrate culture for many years to come as the organization continues to grow and develop, with new members still joining. This year members still have Sports Day and Onam (a festival celebrated in Kerala) to look forward to.