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‘Engaged muscle’ traveled to Nottingham from London to attack a man in the street

Two London men acted as ‘hired muscle’ when they traveled to Netherfield believing they were in the county on a ‘drug shipment’. But the couple ended up using violence on a man on a street in Netherfield on September 22, 2021.

Jordy Mumbiny and Daniel Marrett were both jailed for assault causing bodily harm, after traveling here on someone else’s orders, thinking they were acting like muscle if the need for violence arose. Nottingham Crown Court heard on Friday March 18 it was not as the men thought. They were actually there for a pre-planned assault on the victim, who lived in Pearson Street, Netherfield.

The victim had moved there with his girlfriend two days earlier. The group, including the main instigator, who was an unidentified third man, were waiting for the victim and pounced on him when he came out of his house. Two shots were struck. The prosecution could not say which defendant delivered the beatings. The man momentarily passed out and fell to the ground where he was stomped on.

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A police community support officer and a police officer were on mobile patrol when they saw the assault in progress and turned on the car’s sirens. The defendants dispersed.

Marrett, 27, was chased and detained and brought back to the scene. He referred to coming to the area “to sell weed (cannabis),” said Jon Fountain, prosecuting.

Anna Soubry, mitigating for Merrett, said: ‘You heard the driver was the instigator who actually brought those two in.’ She pointed out that he was not part of the plan that was in the driver’s head.

At the age of five, Marrett was brought here with drugs in his body and “effectively trafficked”. He had an offer on two junior football teams because he was a good footballer. But any football career ended when he was shot in the leg while in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is now being investigated by the Home Office over the deportation and is currently at HMP Nottingham.

Mumbiny, 26, of Barnes Wallis Court Wembley, Brent, has a previous conviction for drug possession but no convictions for violence.

Judge Gregory Dicksonson QC, the Nottingham Recorder, jailed Marrett for 13 months and Mumbiny for 12 months. They both pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

The judge told them, “You thought you were here on a drug shipment.”

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