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Falcons Rookie Drake London: ‘More Shiftier’ than Star NFL WR?

Atlanta Falcons training camp kicked off last week and fans finally got to see some of the team’s new signings in action for the first time.

The biggest name people wanted to glimpse was the first round selection Drake Londonwhich received a lot of hype from the NFL folks.

Quarterback guru Jordan Palmer, the brother of longtime Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, praised the rookie receiver.

“One hundred percent,” Palmer told Athleticism. “I love Drake London as an NFL wide receiver, his catching radius, (his ability to) come up and get it. You create other places to throw. This guy may look covered, but he’s not if I throw him here. This fits very well with what Desmond did in college.

“It’s the way Drake plays 7 feet off the ground, it’s the wingspan, it’s also the jumping ability, the hand-eye coordination and his ability to adjust, those things, those are easy throws for any quarterback to make,” Palmer continued. “Drake’s ability to get up there and catch it, to catch the ball away from his body, to catch the ball in traffic, is the first thing that jumps out at me.”

But what impression has the USC product made in the locker room so far?

From what fellow wide receiver Bryan Edwards had to say, London is already a superstar in the making.

“He’s a subtle type of guy, staying on the sidelines, and I respect that. On the pitch, man, he jumps out at you,” Edwards said. “He moves in and out of breaks really well. for a bigger receiver. He’s very shady. He kind of reminds me of a sneakier version of Mike Evans over there in Tampa Bay. Lots of respect to that kid. I can’t wait to see him grow up and be the big one. player that I know he will be.

Evans, a perennial Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion, is a great comparison for a rookie, but if what Edwards says comes true, the Falcons have a star on their hands.