London celebrations

Fancy a multicultural experience abroad? London is the best option.

As applications to study abroad in fall 2023 begin to open up, students might be wondering where to go. Many SU students go to a Syracuse Program: London, Madrid, Strasbourg, Florence, Central Europe or Santiago. Each city offers its own unique experience, appealing to a wide range of students whose hopes and goals abroad may differ. If students are looking for a multicultural experience, they should look no further than the London program.

I am currently studying abroad in London and have really enjoyed how much diversity is ingrained in the city. I am a British citizen and had been to London many times before my overseas experience, but continued to experience new things and bits of culture during my time here. One of the reasons I chose London was for its rich culture and history, and I was not disappointed.

London is widely recognized as the most multicultural city in Europe. There are hundreds languages ​​spoken and more a third of the people who live there were born outside of England. Besides the diversity you’ll find among the people you see and meet every day, London offers a cultural experience that’s hard to find anywhere else in Europe.

London welcomes 857 art galleries and museums. There are four UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) heritage sites in London. London is home to 192 museums including 11 national museums. Around 200 festivals take place in London each year, including the Notting Hill Carnival and the Mayor’s Thames Festival, Europe’s largest street festival. London has an incredible arts scene, with Shakespeare’s Globe and Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest music hall in the world. These cultural sites are just a taste of what London has to offer students.

In addition to the parts of London that students can visit, they can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the city through their SU courses. Courses such as black london (HST 300.5), multicultural london (CST 412) and The London fire (HST 300.2) provide students with valuable information and context about London’s incredible multiculturalism.

Students engage in discussions about why London is so multicultural, explaining the dense and often ugly history of the UK as a whole. During these courses, emphasis is also placed on the possibility of bringing the information back to the United States. Students are encouraged to draw parallels between the UK and the US to examine the similarities between the two countries and then report their findings to SU. The program abroad challenges students to think critically about America from a new perspective and then apply that thinking to their daily lives.

Every day that I walk around London, I experience something new. Whether it’s hearing a new language, trying a new food, or meeting someone new, I feel incredibly immersed in the diversity that exists all over the city. By studying abroad in London, students will have the opportunity to experience hundreds of different cultures, through art, food, events or even walking the streets. There is something in London for everyone, thanks in large part to its rich multicultural society, and students should consider studying abroad there.

Hannah Starorypinski is a political science student with a minor in public communications. Her column appears every two weeks and she can be reached at [email protected]