London ball

Farrow and Ball’s collaboration with Liberty of London brings the archive to life for good

My mother always had a soft spot for Liberty of London, which I inherited as a blood type. I guess I’ve always been able to see the charm that, for my mother, a former fashion designer, begins with the fanfic archives, which still occupy the herringbone top floor of that beloved department store. Perhaps it was this brand’s bias for Liberty of London’s idiosyncratic twee effect, coupled with a desperate desire to find the right shade of medicinal rose for a new half bath that initially led me towards the recent collaboration of the centuries-old fabric supplier with the paint company Farrow and Ball. . But what held me back was the interesting dialogue it sparked between two historic manufacturers who together have outfitted interiors for over 100 years. As stalwarts in their respective fields, Farrow and Ball and Liberty take a quality over quantity approach that does not lend itself to new collections or releases, so this collaboration – unlike other design overlaps – did not produce new colors or materials. Rather, he focused his attentions on reviving the genius of existing inventions through the thoughtful juxtaposition of archival material.

This business-to-business project combines rarely seen paintings from the Farrow and Ball Vault with fabrics from Liberty that reveal historical connections in shades and patterns. For example, the collection revives Berrington Blue, a black-based navy taken from Berrington Hall in Herefordshire, and the earthy green tone of Olive, another early color for Farrow and Ball. I landed on a potted shrimp dubbed messy pink thanks to a suggestion of a peaceful bathroom outfitted with the floral calamity that is Liberty’s Poppy Meadowfield alongside Farrow and Ball’s Lichen and the aforementioned pink hue for the bathtub . This pink hue was not something I had ever considered when shopping for the shaded bands at the hardware store. But in the end, it was the perfect fit for a gallery wall style I had for this space and all of my floral prints. Pink is apparently as timeless as becoming your mother. Do not worry; in the end it looks even cooler than you imagine.

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