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Fire destroys new London home, damages others – NBC Connecticut

A wind-driven fire destroyed a house on Mott Avenue in New London on Monday morning and damaged four others.

Emergency crews evacuated homes onto the streets as firefighters worked to put out the blaze.

A firefighter was taken to hospital for treatment for a knee injury, and the chief said he was fine.

Firefighters from several departments responded to the blaze, including Norwich and Waterford, and the blaze was brought under control. Crews continue to turn off hotspots.

The house that was destroyed collapsed following the three-alarm fire, crews said.

Brian Drutman said he noticed smoke coming from his neighbor’s house just before 9:30 a.m. and he called 911.

There was a fireball consuming the house, he said. The fire spread to nearby homes, including that of Drutman, who said he was just thankful no one was hurt.

“I’m grateful to the firefighters for coming quickly and preventing this from being a disaster for all the homes here,” Drutman added.

The New London Fire Chief said the wind was changing direction and creating a challenge for crews.

The three most damaged dwellings are seasonal dwellings.

Waterford Emergency Management said power was out in the southeast of the city due to the blaze. They said Eversource closed the circuit for security reasons.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.

Thick smoke from the blaze was visible from sky cameras.