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From Slovenia to London: A conversation with Sabrina Nolan, founder and actress of VIP PR London

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Slovenian-born, London-based Sabrina Nolan combines a successful career in media and public relations with her first love for acting. She runs her own business, VIP PR London, and previously worked in journalism in Slovenia, including television, as a radio show host and creator of the magazine “Caelle”. She is also the founder of Women in Showbiz, a magazine and organization that empowers women and promotes female achievement. Sabrina’s first acting role was in the Slovenian TV movie ‘Skriti Spomin Angele Vode’ (2009), on the life of feminist author and human rights activist Angela Vode.

Most recently, she did voice-over work for the major Hollywood film “The King’s Man”. Here she shares her advice for young women who want to regain the confidence to pursue their dreams…

How did you start playing?

It all started in elementary school when I was in the drama club, and I ended up playing in a popular production called “Black And White” in different towns in Slovenia. In 2009, I started acting in films, and I also did a lot of commercials for different European countries. Along with acting, I have always taken singing and dancing lessons, which have been useful to me in my acting career. I even released a single, ‘Summer’, in 2015, which was a good showcase for casting directors and agents. I taught hip hop dance and also did choreography for school and university students.

What have been your favorite acting projects to date?

I’m very proud to be part of “The King’s Man”, which came out last year. I was happy to make a film alongside actors as talented as Ralph Fiennes. I also had a supporting role in the BBC TV series’Pure. I’ve appeared in commercials for brands such as Skoda and Subaru – I particularly enjoyed being in a commercial that was filmed in Trieste, Italy for Maria Casino. We were dressed in period costumes at a ball; it was an incredible and magical experience.

Tell us about your businesses, as founder of VIP PR London and Women in Showbiz?

I started VIP PR London in 2016, first on a part-time basis, then towards the end of 2017, I made it my full-time job. I am proud to say that my clients have appeared on many national TV shows, radio shows and magazines. One of the movies I promoted is ‘The Laureate,’ starring Tom Hughes (known for playing Prince Albert in the ITV drama ‘Victoria’), ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron and Laura Haddock (from the Netflix series ‘White Lines’).

I’ve promoted actors from TV shows and movies, including ‘Star Trek: Voyager’, Elizabeth I’, ‘It’s us’, ‘The mentalist’, ‘Killing Eve’, ‘Gray’‘Anatomy’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and the James Bond films ‘Skyfall’, ‘Spectre’ and “No Time to Die”. I also did important public relations work for the directors, producers, screenwriters and creators of Netflix and Amazon TV series, as well as independent films. Other work includes promoting fashion and beauty influencers, health advocates and business people.

I created the association and the magazine Women in Showbiz because I have always been passionate about the emancipation of women. I love posting women’s success stories; I plan many events within the organization and look forward to collaborating with successful women in show business.

‘Caelle’ was my first magazine, which I started in 2013 before selling the business to another company on my way to New York to work with a casting director at Actors Connection acting school. The company I sold ‘Caelle’ to still publishes this wonderful women’s magazine.

What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in the entertainment world?

In the entertainment business, like in any other business, it is important to be persistent. Many people dream of starting a business, but many of them give up at the first hurdle. They may be overwhelmed by negative comments or simply paralyzed by the fear of whether it’s not working? What if it was? I mentor a few of my friends who are starting businesses and I always support them. I tell them to take small steps and make plans. It’s so important to write down your goals, even if they’re small goals at first. Each time you achieve one, no matter how small, it’s a step forward and it can motivate you to move on and on. At the University of Ljubljana, alongside pedagogy and sociology, I also studied andragogy – the study of adult education. I learned how important it is to educate yourself throughout your life. It doesn’t end with a postgraduate degree, you can always learn more.

How to stay motivated in business?

I listen to a lot of podcasts, especially in the morning while I’m making my breakfast. I have also read many successful and business-oriented books. I’ve been reading adult business books since I was 12 or 13! I also love motivational speakers and authors such as Brian Tracy, Jordan Peterson, Dr. Nicole LePera, Esther Perel and Robin Sharma.

photo credit Igor Huzbasic