London ball

FSA Awards Fan Media of the Year • The Square Ball

Leeds winning in London? See, it can happen. All you have to do is replace Premier League footballers with the power of thousands of Leeds fans and anything can happen.

We take this moment of self-indulgence to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for The Square Ball in the Football Supporters’ Association Awards Fan Media of the Year category, held at the South last night. It was a strong line-up, including Cod Almighty (Grimsby Town), Roker Report (Sunderland), The Anfield Wrap (Liverpool), The Pinch (Sheffield United) and True Faith (Newcastle United), and we’re very proud that so many of you felt so attached that you cast enough votes to win.

Coming from you, that says it all.

The fact that the award comes from the Football Supporters’ Association is also important to us. We’ve been nominated by them every year in one category or another, winning Fanzine of the Year 2011 in the first round of awards, when judged by an ‘expert panel’; winning fanzine of the year again in 2014 thanks to fan voting; then winning Club Podcast of the Year in 2021. The FSA even went back to handing out trophies partly in glass after Dan smashed our first against a London pavement in 2011.

The work undertaken by the Football Fans Association makes their awards a significant honor:

We are leading advocates for fan ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, choice to show up, protection of fan rights, good governance, diversity and all types of supporter empowerment.

Football is for everyone and we work closely with organizations such as Kick It Out and Level Playing Field to ensure the Core Belief happens in the real world. We have supported the creation of dozens of BAME and LGBT fan groups over the past seasons.

And we were very happy to have the company of our friends from Marching Out Together at the awards show, who had a well-deserved nomination in the Diversity Fans category.

We’re not so happy to have the hangover that comes with the trophy, but if that’s the sacrifice we have to make to get a result at Leeds in London, so be it.

To keep this message from being completely complacent, let’s use it to plug in our 2023 charity calendars, filled as always with photos of your favorite Leeds players (some of whom might still be around when their month rolls around), by your favorite TSB artists. Our brilliant readers, listeners, viewers and friends have raised over £10,000 for the Leeds Hospitals Charity through sales of our calendars over the past few years and we are once again grateful for your fundraising help.

All proceeds this year go to the Leeds Cancer Center and the Leeds Breast Cancer Awareness Group.

Thank you, as Howard Wilkinson always said, for your wonderful support. ⬢