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Future developments on Christchurch Green, Wanstead, to be discussed

The power of one person playing a role in the greater whole should never be underestimated.

None of us are islands, but all operate as part of a larger group called the human race. This in turn is part of nature – a single element related to plants, birds, animals and atmosphere to create the whole.

The Covid pandemic was a time when many rediscovered community. People watched over each other.

There have been plenty of charitable efforts, from supporting food banks to helping the homeless.

There has been support for those on the front line like NHS workers and teachers.

Over the past four years as a Councilor of Wanstead, I have strived with my fellow Councilors Jo Blackman, Daniel Morgan Thomas, Sheila Bain and Paul Merry to help empower people and support our communities.

In 2018, we participated in the organization of a major public meeting on the environment.

The Cleaner Greener Wanstead group grew out of this, which in turn has spearheaded a number of local initiatives.

Monthly litter pick-ups are another initiative, where a group of volunteers come together to help clean up the area.

Other groups in the area that existed long before our election, such as Wanstead Community Gardeners, Wanstead Society, Wild Wanstead, The Wren Group and Friends of Wanstead Park, all work actively in the community to make Wanstead a better place. place. Wanstead Climate Action is another valuable contributor. All played a vital role in different ways.

Christchurch Green is at the center of our community. This is where the Wanstead Festival and other community events take place and come to life. It’s a space that belongs to all of us – albeit with sometimes opposing points of view.

There has been resentment among some over some recent developments. But nothing that cannot be resolved in the future.

Councilors have agreed to attend a meeting next month to discuss future developments on Christchurch Green.

Hopefully this can be the start of some really positive dialogue, perhaps a Friends of Christchurch Green group can be started which will allow people to play a part in shaping the future of this green lung in the heart of Wanstead. It’s up to the people to decide.

Paul Donovan is Redbridge Labor Councilor for the Village of Wanstead and blogger. See