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Gangs of London Season 2 Cast | New and returning characters

After a long hiatus, Gangs of London is back for season 2 – and London is once again on the brink of all-out war.

We pick up a year after the events of the first chapter, with “the surviving Wallaces scattered, the Dumanis broken and separated, and former undercover cop Elliot now forced to work for the investors”.

Heroin baron Asif now has the full backing of investors, ‘and together they have installed a new ruling force in London in the form of brutal gang leader Koba’, who is on a crusade to ‘restore order’ in the streets.

But existing players and new additions are “fighting back, forcing archenemies to work together and family members to betray each other.”

Read the full recap of the main cast of Gangs of London season 2.

Gangs of London Season 2 Cast

Sope Dirisu plays Elliot Finch/Carter

Who is Elliot Finch? In Season 1, the undercover cop successfully worked his way into Sean Wallace’s inner circle in an effort to bring down the crime family. In the finale, Elliot apparently murdered Sean (more on that later) on the orders of the Investors, who he now works for. He also has a microchip containing incriminating evidence against the puppeteers given to him by Sean.

Where have I seen Sope Dirisu before? You might recognize him from Netflix’s His House and the sci-fi series Humans.

Lucian Msamati plays Ed Dumani

ed with a serious expression on his face

Who is Ed Dumani? Finn Wallace’s longtime business partner and friend. He has two children, Alex and Shannon. Ed takes a low-key approach to the violent business in which he is involved. In the Season 1 finale, he attempted to assassinate Marian Wallace.

Where have I seen Lucian Msamati before? He appeared in the BBC fantasy drama His Dark Materials, Black Earth Rising with Michaela Coel and the Channel 4 drama Kiri.

Paapa Essiedu as Alex Dumani

Alex standing with his arms crossed

Who is Alex Dumani? In the early stages of Season 1, he worked alongside his father Ed for the Wallace Corporation, using brains rather than brawn to prove his worth – so much so that investors decided to oust Sean from the company. operation and install Alex as the face of the brand.

Where have I seen Paapa Essiedu before? His credits include Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You, Joe Barton’s The Lazurus Project and the second season of BBC surveillance drama The Capture.

Michelle Fairley plays Marian Wallace

Marian stood in front of a brick wall with blood on her face

Who is Marianne Wallace? She was married to Finn and they had three children together: Sean, Billy and Jaqueline. Marian has a cruel streak, the most obvious example of which was her torture of a Danish assassin in Season 1. As the Season 2 trailer indicates, she is now involved in arms trafficking. .

Where have I seen Michelle Fairley before? One of her biggest roles to date was as Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones. Most recently, she appeared in Starz’s sci-fi drama The Feed and The White Princess.

Pippa Bennett-Warner plays Shannon Dumani

Shannon, back turned, looking over her shoulder

Who is Shannon Dumani? Ed’s daughter and Alex’s sister. Shannon was romantically involved with Elliot in Season 1, but outside pressures prevented them from enjoying a stable relationship. She murdered Detective Vicky Chung in Season 1, who attempted to recruit her as an informant.

Where have I seen Pippa Bennett-Warner before? She recently appeared in the BBC psychological drama Chloe and David Hare’s Roadkill.

Shannon’s young son, Danny, is played by Taye Matthew.

Narges Rashidi plays Lale

lale pointing a gun

Who is Lale? A Kurdish freedom fighter who uses the guns and money she acquires through her criminal connections to help her people. Lale’s husband was tortured and killed because of Asif’s betrayal, with the couple shooting at each other throughout Season 1 – the most dramatic of which was the murder of Asif’s son at the hands of Lale.

Where have I seen Narges Rashidi before? Her recent projects include The Allegation, Never Too Late for Justice and The Girlfriend Experience.

Asif Raza Mir plays Asif Afridi

asif was sitting at a desk

Who is Asif Afridi? The Pakistani heroin baron has engaged in a brutal feud with Lale. Her son Nasir was elected mayor of London in Season 1, but Lale quickly ended his rule when she killed him. In Season 2, Asif is more powerful than ever following the investors’ decision to line up behind him.

Where have I seen Asif Raza Mir before? He has appeared in a number of Pakistani movies and TV shows including Miss Hong Kong and Daaman.

Orli Shuka as Luan Dushaj

Luan digging a hole

Who is Luan Dushaj? An Albanian gangster who wins every dogfight he’s in. Luan has a wife and two daughters, which puts him in a risky position. Anger the wrong people and they’ll know exactly how to hurt him.

Where have I seen Orli Shuka before? He appeared in a handful of episodes of EastEnders and he also features in the Prime Video spy thriller All the Old Knives.

Brian Vernel plays Billy Wallace

Brian Vernel as Billy Wallace in Gangs of London season 2.

Christophe Raphael / Sky / AMC

Who is Billy Wallace? Son of Marian and Finn. In Season 1, Billy had a drug problem due to his chaotic upbringing.

Where have I seen Brian Vernel before? He had minor roles in Apple TV’s Slow Horses, Netflix’s The Last Kingdom and David Hare’s Collateral.

Valene Kane plays Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline at a funeral

Who is Jacqueline Robinson? Only daughter of Marian and Finn. Jacqueline is a doctor who has become estranged from her family due to the circles they frequent. At the end of season 1, she runs away under a new identity with Billy.

Where have I seen Valene Kane before? His credits include crime drama The Fall and BBC drama Thirteen, among others.

The new actors of Gangs of London

Waleed Zuaiter plays Koba

close up of Koba in Gangs of London

Who is Koba? The new neighborhood antagonist. He works for Asif, leading a “dictatorship” in which all rebels will be dealt with swiftly and savagely. “No one has the balls to take on Koba,” Luan says in the trailer.

Where have I seen Waleed Zuaiter before? You may have seen him in the crime thriller Baghdad Central, Netflix’s The Spy, and the sci-fi series Altered Carbon, among others.

Other cast members include:

Jasmine Armand and Fady El-Sayed play Saba and Faz

Faz consoles his sister Saba

Who are Saba and Faz? Siblings who find themselves drawn into gang warfare. Saba works in a cafe and Faz is involved in criminal activities.

Where have I seen Jasmine Armand before? She’s a French rapper. This is his first role on television.

Where have I seen Fady El-Sayed before? You may have seen it in the sci-fi series Class and Baghdad Central.

Salem Kali plays Basem

Baem sat at a table, looking to his left

Who is Basic? A mobster who, like his peers, is unhappy with Koba’s new rules.

where did i see Salem Kali before? His credits include the French prison film A Prophet and the French crime film Dealer.

Aymen Hamdouchi plays Hakim

close up on Hakim

Who is Hakim? Another gangster who is also crippled by Koba’s new directives.

where did i see Before Aymen Hamdouchi? His credits include the Netflix action thriller SAS: Red Notice and Criminal: UK, which is also streaming on the streamer.

Will Joe Cole return as Sean Wallace?

London Gangs

Sean Wallace was shot in the face by Elliot, who had been ordered to kill him by the investors. But while he was pronounced dead and the team behind the show have said they intend to get rid of Sean, we haven’t physically seen his corpse, which means a return n is not excluded.

It would be an extraordinary comeback, but Gangs of London is an extraordinary series, so we’re not ruling anything out.

Gangs of London Season 2 will air on Sky and NOW from October 20, 2022 – catch the first season on Sky now. To find out more, see our TV guide or visit our Drama hub for all the latest news.

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