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Green Bay Police are investigating an incident involving New London native Packers star AJ Dillon at a football game – Hartford Courant

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Police say their Internal Affairs Department is conducting a review after video on social media showed an officer grabbing Packers running back AJ Dillon during a Saturday night football game in Lambeau Field.

Video posted on social media showed Dillon in the end zone waving to fans in the stands during the exhibition match between FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City FC. Dillon appeared about to do a Lambeau leap into the crowd when video showed an officer grabbing him by the back of the neck and shoving him.

After fans booed and Dillon appeared to offer an explanation, the officer backed off and allowed Dillon to jump into the stands. When the video started gaining attention on social media, Dillon tweeted his account of what happened.

“It is clear that there was a miscommunication between the officer and Mr. Dillon,” Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis said in a statement Monday. “The Green Bay Police Department appreciates Mr. Dillon’s perspective and words of support. The Green Bay Police Department’s Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Division has initiated a review of this incident.

Davis’ statement did not identify the officer shown in the video.

Dillon said on social media that a couple of security guards had helped him down onto the pitch during a rain delay at Saturday’s football game so he could do a Lambeau jump to get the crowd excited.

“I guess (the officer) missed them telling me to get down,” Dillon said.

In a later tweet, Dillon described the incident as “just miscommunication between the parties”.

“The @GBPolice are great people and I’m glad we have them for our games to keep us safe,” Dillon said. “Standing in the pouring rain with all these people, it’s hard to know what’s going on with just one. All good.”

When asked about the incident on Monday after the Packers’ annual shareholders meeting, team president and CEO Mark Murphy called it “obviously a very unfortunate situation that has happened. produced”.