London festival

Hawaiian fashion designers collaborate for London festival

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Three native Hawaiian designers will be featured in REDValentino’s submission to a prestigious London arts festival in September as part of an ongoing collaboration between Italian luxury fashion brand ‘Maison Valentino’ and the Indigenous community Hawaiian.

Kēhaulani Nielson from Kahulaleʻa, Manaola Yap from MANAOLA and Kini Zamora will each produce a textile pattern specially designed to be integrated into REDValentino’s ready-to-wear collection.

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The collection will debut in the REDValentino exhibition at Chelsea Festival in Bloom in London.

“It’s exciting to see our culture and art showcased alongside some of the world’s most respected and famous fashion designers,” Zamora said.

“The opportunity to showcase our work at the Chelsea in Bloom Festival raises the profile of Native Hawaiian designers as well as the growing fashion industry in Hawaii. Hopefully this will open more doors for us internationally and inspire other young people. Kanaka to pursue their dreams, ”Zamora said.

The Chelsea in Bloom Festival presents a renowned flower art competition among the affluent region’s hotels, restaurants and retail stores, which includes some of the most influential international fashion brands.

With the theme “Extraordinary Voyages”, the 2021 festival is scheduled from September 20 to 25.

“It was a truly extraordinary journey towards appreciation and knowledge,” says Alessia Vannetti, Valentino brand manager.

“Collaborating with Native Hawaiian designers was not only a way to foster creativity, but also a way to educate the public about a fascinating and intriguing culture; give the right recognition, the right voice and the right sense for a mutually beneficial exchange, ”said Vannetti. “This capsule collection is a dialogue made of common respect – a new language made of traditional and contemporary that can certainly be positive and enrich our souls.”

“We extend our warmest mahalo to REDValentino for this incredible opportunity, ”said Nielson.

“Our creations may be contemporary, but they follow a long and rich cultural tradition held by our kūpuna incorporate our observations of our environment, our spirituality and our mo’olelo in our artistic expressions. The ability to share this aspect of culture with the world is very exciting.

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