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Heated bra supports good cause

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Blogma takes its mission to cover the hottest topics in technology quite seriously, and in the following case, quite literally.


Lingerie company Triumph International has joined Japan’s fight against high fuel use by developing a heated bra for winter, according to a BBC story, “Heated bra aims to save the world.” The fluffy invention has special pads filled with an eco-friendly gel that can be easily heated in a microwave or with a hot water bottle, the story says.

The “Warmbiz Bra” is named for Japan’s “WarmBiz” campaign, which encourages office workers to wear warm clothes and avoid using heaters. The bra isn’t yet for sale and is considered a prototype product–“the first step towards mass-producing eco-friendly clothing,” the story says.

Bloggers reacted quickly (and in some cases, wittily) to the news and provided us with a little levity from microchips, mergers and mobile phones.

Blog community response:

“Now you can really have a hot rack. I know boobs are great and all, but who knew they were potentially world-saving? I’m all down for eco-friendly clothing, but this freaks me out a bit. Partly because I don’t like idea of my breasts bursting into flames due to some kind of malfunction. (And because it kind of reminds me Bjork’s swan dress.)”

“Once again, I am in awe at the ingenuity of the Japanese. It’s so silly, it actually makes sense to me. I want one. No need for frosty nip-bits this winter.”

4 Moons

“It’s all well and good, of course, and I personally have been keeping my Biz Warm recently by wearing sweaters (well, hoodies, mainly) around the office. But heated bras? Really? Why do the girls get heated bras, but we guys don’t get heated neckties? And why not just encourage people to wear scarves? Or hats? Or gloves–my touch-typing could hardly get any worse, after all.”

Tokyo Tales

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