Here's the 3D-printed Hodor doorstop you've been dying for

Here’s the 3D-printed Hodor doorstop you’ve been dying for

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I’m not crying. It’s just dust in my eyes.

Tony Wang

Warning: Season 6 “Game of Thrones” spoilers ahead.

It didn’t take long for Etsy to generate Hodor doorstops after the traumatic episode “The Door” aired. We lost Hodor, the former stable boy, in that episode, but we also learned his supposed name is a shortened version of “Hold the door.” The Etsy doorstop was funny, but it was also the sort of thing you could easily make yourself. A Kickstarter project wants to offer a much more elaborate version using a Hodor figurine.

What do you call a “Game of Thrones” Hodor-shaped doorstop? The “Hodoor” of course. The 3D model renders look great, right down to Hodor’s backward leaning angle and spread-out arms.

The project is really more of an exercise in hope than an actual product at this point. The creator says, “We are in the process of applying for licensing rights from HBO for this project. If that falls through and they shut down our project, everyone will be refunded their pledge.”

The public demand is certainly there. Pledges are up over $83,000, blowing past the original $5,000 goal faster than dragon glass can take out a White Walker. The pledge price for a single 6-inch-tall (15-centimeter) doorstop is $37 (about £25, AU$50).

If the project goes through, the Hodoor will be offered in gray plastic and is tentatively scheduled to ship in July. The project is also exploring offering a 3D-printed bronze version. Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time or as expected.

Project creator Tony Wang 3D-printed some prototypes of the Hodoor and it does indeed actually function as a doorstop. You just have to be prepared to experience a sense of melancholy and loss every single time you prop your door open.

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