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How to Earn Coins in FIFA 23

FIFA Football Simulator has received another update. FIFA 23 became the successor of the series without an active company, but with more emphasis on online matches and confrontation between teams in tournaments.

The series received an update to the graphics and physics of ball behavior, players and fans.

To succeed in the football simulator, the player must constantly improve his team and invest in the development of the team, constantly earning coins. There are several ways to do this, and today we will discuss the most common options.

Best Ways to Earn Coins in FIFA 23:

  1. Buy parts on a professional to place
  2. Play a lot of matches
  3. Participate in tournaments
  4. Complete game tasks
  5. transfer window

Buy parts on a professional site

There can never be too many coins, and a really solid lineup will require a lot of FIFA 23 coins. If you buy them from a special site, you can build up a good starting lineup, which will gradually increase by adding new players who can be obtained from sets. The more coins you have, the more sets you can open, it is also possible to buy the player you are interested in in the transfer window from other football fans.

Play multiple matches

Every football match in Fife is rewarded so players are incentivized to play constantly and improve their skills. So that the loss doesn’t hit the moral component hard – loss is also rewarded with coins, so even losing the streak you shouldn’t worry too much and treat the matches as an experience – a loss today is a win tomorrow.

Of course, it is better to fight for victory, because in this way the reward will be greater.

To increase your chances of winning, play aggressively with the ball and use passing as a way to control the game. If you can learn to sense the initiative in the game, it will immediately bring you more wins and, therefore, more coins in your piggy bank.

Participate in tournaments

Very often, ttournaments between players take place at FIFA. In structure, they are similar to the playoffs, the Champions League, where you will play against knockout teams. The task is to go as far as possible, and the ideal result will be victory in the tournament.

Each place in the leaderboard is rewarded with coins, so don’t worry and feel safe if you get knocked out in the early matches on your first attempts. Gradually your game skills will increase and you will be able to beat stronger opponents.

Playing in a tournament will help you develop the skill of endurance and the ability to maintain morale against opponents of any rank, gradually you will understand that although composition plays a part, it is much more important to be able to use tricks, approach the match with confidence in your victory and good humor.

Complete game tasks

Each day, week and month in FIFA 23 offers players a set of tasks, completing which you can get additional coins.

The tasks are always related to football and match actions – you will have to score goals, win with a big defeat of the opponent, score in a certain time frame, not receive cards, take free kicks and penalties , make substitutions at certain times and much more.

It is recommended to perform daily tasks every day. Weeklies can be completed in 2-3 days, so don’t worry too much about the pace. Monthly tasks should be done diligently at the beginning of the month, and later you can slow down if you are ahead of schedule and do not have a strong urge to work for parts every day.

transfer window

At the very beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the transfer window. As in real football, it is a source of signing contracts with titled players who are sold by other players.

Based on the fact that players often come out of packs and the type of artist card depends on the value of the set, then on transfer you can find bronze, silver, gold and special card of the same artist .

Transferring is a great option for players who don’t want to play roulette and buy sets, preferring to just acquire the right players.

You, in turn, can sell your players you no longer need at the price offered by the market and earn coins to open sets, or buy new artists.

Remember that when selling and buying players, the price is set by the players themselves. Therefore, carefully check the cost and follow the price dynamics in the market, otherwise you run the risk of paying too much for a mid-level player. True, you may also be tricked into buying a player cheaply – so periodically monitor players and prices, but don’t spend all your free time on this, the odds are low.