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Huge American Monster Jam car crushing trucks arrive in London

It’s been a decade since the London Stadium opened for the 2012 Olympics and during that time it’s hosted just about every type of event possible. From sports to singing, food festivals to dental conventions, the Hammers’ home has hosted him. However, on June 18 there will be something London has well and truly never seen before.

A collection of 12,000lb, 1,500hp mega-wheel trucks will do 70mph around the stadium, flying jumps, doing backflips and smashing cars like Monster Jam lands in the capital for the very first time. The classic American competition is holding its first event outside the United States since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tires alone are 1.7 meters high by 1.1 meters wide, and the trucks are hand painted in over 40 hours. The makeshift track that is used for the event takes a combined 1,500 hours to construct. In addition to the main show at 2:30 p.m., die-hard fans can get up close and personal with Monster Jam trucks and crews at a special family-friendly pit party at 11:30 a.m. Book your tickets here.

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Tom Meents from Illinois started out as a mud racer, with help from his mechanic father. He is now the world champion of monster truck competitions. He will be in Stratford on June 18.

MyLondon spoke to 12-time Monster Jam World Truck Driving Champion Tom Meents to find out how he is preparing for this special event. He said: “It’s great to be back at our European events after a 2 year break. I’ve never been to London, and I’m super excited to go. My wife has always wanted visit, and she will come with me.”

As the event also doubles as a competition, he explained how it all works and what it means to him: “There are different competitions within the event: racing, which is based purely on speed , and Skills and Freestyle, both of which are judged In Skills, we have 2 attempts to do the best trick we can do on any 2 wheels – front, rear or sideways.

“In Freestyle, you have 2 minutes to do the craziest tricks you can. For me, as long as the crowd is happy and I can see their enthusiasm and appreciation, that’s how I know I’m going. I’ve done a good job. Winning is a big part of it, but giving people the best entertainment they’ve ever seen is even better. I followed my unrealizable dream when I was 10, and I never gave up.

This is Tom’s Monster Jam truck, Max-D (aka Maximum Destruction!)

The London Stadium will host Tom and his fellow pilots as it aims to continue to bring sport, music and entertainment opportunities to East London as part of the 2012 Olympic legacy. This summer will mark 10 years since the games took place, so all eyes will be on sites like this to see if they’ve served their purpose. London Stadium CEO Graham Gilmore said: “We are proud to bring exciting new events to the stadium, and Monster Jam is certainly one of them. An incredible high-octane experience for the whole family, we We look forward to bringing this unique show to a new audience in the UK, as part of our fantastic summer programme. It will certainly be a must see.”

Tom explains that he could even do his special thing: “The steering wheel can be released by the driver, and sometimes I release it, pull it out and hold it out the window when I’m driving. Fans love it, and when we can do something unique that slightly separates you from others, it can make a ride even cooler.”

Thrill seekers can get tickets from £10 per child or £20 per adult. For more information or to book Click here.

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