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Interview – Manuel Bayer | Features

Hi Manuel! How is business going? Where are you in the world right now?

Since June 2020 I have been living in Freiburg (Germany) again, where I built my outdoor studio with great dedication. I am very happy here, which gives free rein to my creativity, pushes me extremely and paves the way for me to produce. The year 2022 has started well and Daisy Dans Records and I are excited about what this year has in store for us.

At the end of last year we received a grant from “Neustart Kultur & GVL” from the German government, for which we are very grateful and with which we want to take off.

The grant has been a great support for me and Daisy Dans Records. I had time to produce new tracks and my team had time to work intensively on marketing so that we could promote the tracks in the best possible way with the grant money. I also had time to perfect my Spotify profile, so check it out and follow me. I look forward to bringing you more tracks in the coming year, until then, stay tuned for what’s to come.

Congratulations on the new version! What was the inspiration?

I was inspired by the desire and the hope to return to a normal life, to be able to party again, to meet new people without having to respect any restrictions.

Jumping is a track for the warm sunny season, it spreads a good mood, encourages people to do something, meet friends and party again.

Jumping should make people dance and jump to master jumping to better times. DaisyTech’s warm and fun sound is perfect for the start of summer and new found freedom.

The bright seasons of spring and summer bring light back into a dark time. The warmth is reflected in my positive sound. The track is joyful, invites you to dance and sends love out into the world. The “Jumping to the DaisyTech” voice is striking. User-friendly synthesizers and a powerful bass line make my sound something very special. Perfect for sunny hours and big parties.

The track was mainly created at the Daisy Dans studio, because that’s where I can best develop my creativity and let my thoughts run free. I got the idea late last year and had been working on it for about 2 months.

What made you want to release it on your own label?

It took me some time to develop my own style of music, I call it “DaisyTech”, a mix of techno and tech house. I quickly realized that my music couldn’t be cataloged, so I started my own label. The label stands for “DaisyTech” and will stay true to that style, but I will continue to push and expand our sound. Also, the further development of the sound of Daisy Dans Records will also depend on future new artists on the label. I am very excited to see where my path will take me.

When you create music, do you have certain labels in mind or don’t you think about them?

So I don’t think about it a lot, because I want to evolve and grow with my label.

I have been producing music for a few years now and with my own style of music DaisyTech and the label Daisy Dans Records, which is of course my pride and joy, my heart is naturally with my label.

So I don’t think about it a lot when I produce, because I want to develop and grow with my label.

But of course, I’ve already thought about releasing my next songs through another label. I haven’t decided yet, but for example in collaboration with another artist it’s possible.

How do you work in the studio? What is your process?

As the production process evolves with new instruments, synetizers and different plugins that I use, the creative process changes. Sometimes when I spend an evening in the studio and do a jam session, I come up with an idea and develop it further. So sometimes I start with the bass line or the idea of ​​a melody. But I follow some basic structures and with the right idea for a track, it’s the perfect balance to produce a solid track.

The software I use to produce is Cubase, which I’m very enthusiastic about. I create most of my basses with the Moog Next 37, which is an incredibly versatile synthesizer that I love and appreciate for its sound and for creating stunning melodies. For my drums, I prefer the Roland TR09 Rhythm Composer and enjoy working with Native Instruments Machine, among others.

Have you ever been able to test the new track on the road? What were the reactions of the crowd?

So far, I only get crowd comments through music streaming portals and social media, as I only have a few concerts yet, but that will change again in the near future.

The feedback I’ve received is excellent, really heartwarming words, thank you.

I’m working to spread my music more to gain new fans and reach people who love and celebrate my music.

It’s not always easy to find the right audience, but there’s only one motto and that’s “stay tuned” so it’s only a matter of time until what you achieve.

How does it feel to be back to touring life? Is this something you’ve been missing throughout the pandemic?

In January 2020, I signed my first international booking contract with Omega Artists, based in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, with “Corona” came a surprisingly difficult time for everyone in the music industry.

With no reservations, my nest egg quickly ran out and I had to find a part-time job. I think that’s how a lot of budding artists feel. In June 2020, I decided to move from Berlin to my hometown, Freiburg. Here I set up the outdoor studio and of course continued to work on my music. Since I can’t perform in front of a real audience, I’m focusing on live streaming via social media for the time being. With the weekly online event “From Home with Love”, I was able to reach thousands of people. I also played at the Killed With Kidness (California) Virtual DJ Stages Festival. Even though last year wasn’t always easy, I never thought about giving up and I always fought.

Since joining Omega Artists, I haven’t had the opportunity to perform again, but I’m working on getting back to the DJ booth as soon as possible.

What are your favorite labels and artists right now?

Among my favorites, there is definitely Terminal M, Monika Kruse’s label. I really like her music and have celebrated with her several times, mainly with my good friend DJ Karotte who is one of Monika’s best friends. I also like Cocoon Recordings, Sven Väth’s label. The Cocoon-Sound shaped me a lot, because I used to organize many parties at the CocoonClub in Frankfurt in the past.

I love the sophistication and attention to detail reflected in their music. These outstanding artists always manage to produce a piece that takes me away and makes me dance immediately.

It would make me really happy and it’s a small dream of mine to one day produce and perform with such great talents in the music industry.

What are the key elements of the perfect party for you?

As I am a perfectionist, a few points are very important to me.

Starting with the party location, for me it should be outside, maybe on a beach or a lake. The party should start during the day and continue until the following night.

The cornerstone of the party is a high-quality music system and good DJ equipment. In addition, the light effects should also be colorful and provide people with a brilliant show in harmony with the music.

Another point is the ambiance, it should be something special and extravagant, a big dance floor, but also a retreat with seats for those who need a breather.

There should be enough choice of drinks and food options.

These are the biggest key points for me to create the perfect atmosphere for the audience to feel the party mood. Last but not least, of course, it depends on the right people throwing a good party.

Is there anything else coming for you guys that you can tell us about? Big shows? New music?

We have just started remodeling and optimizing Daisy Dans Records’ studio. As soon as the remodeling is complete, I will return to producing and expanding the label. My next release will probably be in the fall and I can’t wait to present the new track to you.

Finally, if you had to choose a disc to end the last evening, what would it be?

It is indeed the title “Blade Blood Rave – New Order – Confusion”.

When I first heard the sound of this track, it was like falling in love with techno music, I felt my whole body bubbling and dancing. Since that day, techno music has been running through my veins and it’s one of the greatest things in this world. That’s why I chose this track to excite people in the last minutes of the party and give them all the energy to make the performance unforgettable.