London celebrations

Introduction: Mint Suites and Mint Tea in London

Welcome to my next travelogue, a whirlwind trip to London to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. I have already shared about the events of the jubilee; now is the time to focus on the travel-related part of the trip.

Introduction – A Mint Trip to London to Celebrate EIIR’s Platinum Jubilee

It’s not every day that a distinguished monarch celebrates 70 years on the throne. Although I am not British, I announce the Queen’s life of public service and wanted to be part of the celebration of this very rare and momentous event.

With flights sold out this summer, I took advantage of an open JetBlue reward space and booked the one-way ticket using Emirates Skywards miles:

  • 52,000 Skywards miles – Los Angeles to New York
  • 64,000 Skywards miles – New York to London

That’s a lot considering I could (theoretically) have flown all the way on a Star Alliance carrier for 63,000 points with Avianca LifeMiles, but it finally gave me a chance to review JetBlue and paid tickets amounted to several thousand dollars.

Glad I did, because right now you can’t even book JetBlue business class space with Emirates miles (remains to be seen if this is a temporary issue or a new unwanted change to the program). Here I offered my first impressions of JetBlue’s new transatlantic service.

I had hoped to book both segments one PNR, taking advantage of the 88,000 one way price for both segments (since LAX-JFK-LGW falls in the 5,001-6,000 mile range distance level), but Emirates charges per segment and couldn’t book both segments on one PNR, which was annoying.

This is what the report will look like:

I left on a Monday afternoon and returned Thursday evening, so it was a quick trip.


London is always a special city, but visiting during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was very special. I look forward to sharing with you my time there and some of the great flights, hotels and lounges I experienced during my visit.