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Iris Ceramica’s London Flagship Store and The Architectural Photography Awards 2022

The Iris Ceramica GroupThe London showroom is located at 61-67 Old Street in Clerkenwell, the heart of creativity in London. In keeping with the dynamic spirit of the district, Italian architectural firm Area 17 designed the showroom as a place to foster creativity, networking and teamwork: the ideal seat for the British judges of the Architecture Photography Awards 2022, who began their work before sharing the proposals received with all the judges of the prestigious photography competition, which is in its 10th edition. The shortlist of selected candidates will be exposed to the World Architecture Festival (WAF) From November 30 to December 2, 2022 at the FIL in Lisbon, where delegates will also have the opportunity to vote. Judges and viewers are invited to look beyond the architecture itself and consider the composition, lighting, scale, atmosphere, sense of place, and understanding of the project portrayed in the photograph. .
The competition is a great success, judging by the significant increase in submissions, with the participation of photographers from 64 different countries, up from 42 countries in 2021. Candidates can compete in six different categories. The main four are Exterior, interior, sense of place and buildings used; then there are the Portfolio – Transportation Hubs and Mobile – Bridges categories. The Architectural Photography Awards focus on the experience of specialist architectural photographers, translating legibly and understandably the sophistication of two-dimensional architecture to explain and emphasize the character, detail and context of the project. There are no limits to interpretation and creativity, and the goal of the award is to to discover new talents and help artists grow, promoting the art of photographing architecture.
Iris Ceramica Group’s partnership with The Architectural Photography Awards 2022 provided the UK judges with the perfect setting for their task and drew attention to The Iris Ceramica flagship store in Londona design showroom on three levels in an industrial-style building totaling nearly 600 square meters.
On the ground floor, an elegant and exclusive living room connects the interior to the exterior through large windows, linking the showroom to its urban surroundings. Next to the bar is a relaxed lounge area encouraging people to stop and chat.
It makes sense that ceramic maxi-slabs play a prominent role in a ceramic showroom, defining the character of surfaces and furnishings and leading visitors to showrooms on other levels.
The first level focuses on collections developed in partnership with Diesel Living. The bold character of these materials blends perfectly with the architecture, creating flexible spaces that can be used as co-working spaces, conference rooms or event venues. This is where the judges gathered to review entries for the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards.
We look forward to receiving the list of finalists for the awards, but we’ll have to wait until after the World Architecture Festival (WAF) to find out who has been named the world’s best architectural photographer!

Christiane Burklein

The 2022 Architectural Photography Awards
Iris Ceramica flagship store
61-67 Old Street
London EC1V 9HW
Images: Courtesy of Iris Ceramica Group