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It’s official: drought declared in London

In practical terms, this means that water rationing can take place and there will be fewer obstacles for water companies implementing watering bans. Cathryn Ross, from Thames Water, said there is usually a two-week process to introduce a garden hose ban, but this can be circumvented in an emergency.

Asked if such a measure could come into effect immediately, she told BBC Breakfast: ‘Most likely, yes. We are ready to enforce our garden hose ban.

After a weekend of temperatures of 35°C, rain should fall in the capital on Monday. But that’s not the unmitigated good news that it may seem. Dry soil absorbs water much more slowly and heavy rains could cause flash floods.

Often when other people or nations face the same problems as us, we feel better about ourselves. Not on this occasion. France is suffering from devastating forest fires that have driven 10,000 people from their homes. Meanwhile, high water temperatures prevent it from cooling some nuclear reactorsand therefore the French demand for alternative energies is on the rise.

Further east and the The Rhine has reached critical levels. This is bad for marine life and agriculture, but also for world trade. The Dutch, Swiss and Germans have relied on the waterway to transport goods for hundreds of years. The Danube is also running out, causing problems for Central and Eastern Europe.

This is the problem of climate change. It’s not just the warmer, wetter, or drier conditions. It is that humans have made fixed investments in specific geographical locations in anticipation of certain climatic conditions. These may not be finished yet, but they are becoming increasingly unreliable.

So what do we do about it? Well, the UK has committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, the favorite to be the next Prime Minister seems to dislike solar power. But we also have to adapt.

In April 2018, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) released a report, Preparing for a drier futurewho warned that the water supply system was already strained and that the pressure would only increase in the coming decades due to climate change and population increase (particularly in the drier south and east).

He recommended that the government build resilience to drought by investing in the capacity of the water supply system, combining demand management (repairing leaks) with long-term investments in supply infrastructure.

It’s Friday, it’s hot, of course don’t start reading an old NIC paper. It’s just that for centuries the climate of London could be described as “mild”. Rarely too hot or too cold, wet or dry, just a little cloudy. We complained about it, of course, but I think we miss it already.

In the commentary pages, Emma Loffhagen says that being a minority within a minority comes with a certain added burden, which is why Black Pride is valuable.

Although I had no intention of becoming Standard’s Serena Williams correspondent (but I’m not mad about it). Anyway, here’s my take on it retirement evolution away from tennis, why she will miss the sport more than her tennis, and why we all need a big sister like Venus.

Finally, why is everyone “quietly quitting” their jobs – with the exception of Amy Francombe, who filed this fascinating article.

Have beautiful weekend

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