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Japan House London celebrates 4 years as Japan’s cultural home in London

Opened in 2018 and officially inaugurated by SAR Prince Williamduke of Cambridgelater that same year, Japan House London has since hosted 13 exhibitions highlighting the works of from Japan leading creative experts ranging from well-known names such as architect Sou Fujimoto and manga artist Urasawa Naoki, to lesser-known but equally highly skilled craftsmen such as Tsubame-Sanjo metalworkers.

In addition to exhibitions, the Japan House London team has also organized 579 events to date, including lectures, performances, screenings and workshops, on topics ranging from Buddhist and Shinto traditions to space exploration, manga, regional industrial heritage and Japanese textiles.

With a series of lockdowns to navigate in 2020 and 2021, Japan House London has successfully adapted to a more virtual cultural world by satisfying an ever-expanding online audience with regular events (many of which have been streaming for Japan), virtual exhibitions and the creation of original digital content such as his “Essentials of the Japanese Kitchen” series. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, in four years on Kensington High Street, Japan House London has welcomed nearly 1.2 million visitors, 94% of whom say they learned something new about Japan or Japanese cultures when they visit.

The past year has seen an exciting return to in-person exhibitions, including the current exhibition Symbiosis: Living Island, who runs to September 4, 2022. Through architectural models, videos, installations and island-wide dioramas, visitors experience the success of an extraordinary living art project that uses art to transform landscapes and lives.

In-person events are also back on the agenda, with online audiences from around the world still welcome through live streaming. The Japan House London team is delighted to once again welcome experts and artists from Japan, and even the rest of the world, to direct these events. For example, to mark the opening of Symbiosis: Living Island, the creators of the exhibition – renowned exhibition curator Yuko Hasegawa and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Sejima Kazuyo – took a special trip from Japan to offer a fascinating program of conferences and events. The team was also delighted to welcome the visit of from Japan Prime Minister, Kishida Fumio, in May.

On the occasion of Japan House London’s fourth anniversary, the Managing Director Michel Houlihan said, “It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Japan House London today. Having overseen this project from the very beginning, I am immensely proud of what the team has accomplished over the past four years. Throughout my career in the cultural industry, I have seen the transformative power that cultural understanding can have on people’s lives. I hope Japan House will continue to educate, inspire and touch the lives of its visitors for years to come.

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About Japan House London

Japan House London is the cultural home of Japan in London. Located on Kensington High Street, the experience is an authentic encounter with Japan, engaging and surprising even the most discerning guests. Showcasing the best of Japanese art, design, technology and cuisine through exhibitions, events, retail and gastronomy, Japan House London is committed to telling stories of Japan. As part of a global initiative led by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are two other Japan Houses, one in Los Angeles and the other in São Paulo.


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