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Lamont’s re-election cakewalk strolls through New London

Governor Ned Lamont shakes hands with children at the Drop In Learning Center following a press conference in New London on Monday, Aug. 1, 2022. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)

If he can keep the lid on the corruption scandals tight, Gov. Ned Lamont should have an easy path to victory in November.

I feel liberated this campaign season when it comes to Connecticut’s gubernatorial campaign.

I have to vote for the Democrat, Ned Lamont, even though I don’t particularly like him.

Republicans and their hyper-conservative Supreme Court have pushed previously settled issues, like abortion access, same-sex marriage, mixed-race marriage, even contraceptives, into now unsettled legal territory, perhaps to be decided. by state governments.

I don’t trust Connecticut Republicans on these issues. GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski didn’t say much to reassure me.

So when I see Lamont on the campaign trail, as I did this week, after attending a love party hosted by local Democrats with the Governor on the steps of New London City Hall, I have to remind myself to look away from all the hypocrisy and cynical politics.

After all, I’m voting for him anyway, even though the campaign event I stumbled across, marking a months-old state grant to the city, was boring, crude politics disguised as government.

The appearance of a group of young school children, who appeared out of nowhere and gathered loudly around the governor to take pictures, reminded me of how my late mother complained about the talk show host of years 1960, Art Linkletter, who exploited children with his segment. , “Children say the darkest things.”

Sorry to go out with me there. But I know my mom would be equally appalled if Governor Lamont used kids he’s never met before for a press photo for a campaign event on a topic they had nothing to do with.

Indeed, most of the other people gathered on Monday for the governor’s announcement of a months-old grant seemed to me to be largely New London City department heads and their employees.

Half an hour applauding the Governor on the steps of City Hall is probably worth the work anyway.

And then, because I have to vote for these people, I had to ignore the incredible hypocrisy on display, the Governor congratulating himself on how his creation of a quarter billion dollar wind turbine pier in New London will benefit the city.

After all, it was the governor who left town to negotiate his own hosting deal with the wind operators. Its economic development chief said in a private email, made public through a freedom of information request, that the city should stop asking for more money and accept the paltry amount it was given. offers.

The governor ultimately didn’t convince his wealthy utility cronies to pay the city more money until Mayor Michael Passero threatened to derail the project with legal intervention.

But it’s campaign season and Mayor Passero was on hand Monday, along with the school kids, to gaze adoringly at the governor for press photos.

I also had to stifle a bit of a gag _ because, remember, I have to vote for this guy _ when the governor started his own big lie, that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to subsidize the wind port of the wealthy utilities put New London at the center of emerging industry.

It is absurd to suggest that the New London Windport would even be missed if it disappeared tomorrow, there are so many other places on the East Coast doing the same job.

Still, I’m not going to worry too much about hypocrisy and child exploitation since I have no choice but to vote for him. The alternative, the negationist Republicans, a party still dominated by a narcissistic insurgent, is not acceptable.

So I guess I should also feel good that Governor Lamont seems to be sailing comfortably toward re-election.

His attack announcements, in which he delegates to his lieutenant-governor the dirty work of jostling his opponent, are very effective.

Lamont, meanwhile, roams the state, announcing grants largely made possible by the money tap turned on by Washington Democrats and laughing happily with happy young school kids who seem to like him.

If he can keep the screw tight on the pot of substantial scandals that are still bubbling in his administration for a few more months, he will easily finish this cake walk until re-election.

This is the opinion of David Collins

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