London celebrations

LA’s fate is at stake


  • Thursday November 25 – Friday November 26
  • 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. local time; 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST
  • Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Format Meters Short Run (25m – SCM)
  • ISL Season 3 schedules, start times and more
  • Competing teams: Energy Standard, London Roar, LA Current, DC Trident

The penultimate match of the 2021 ISL qualifiers will present an exciting battle for first place between Energy Standard and London Roar, although if LA Current stays close with Energy Standard and London things could get interesting.

This game looked like it could decide the fate of LA Current, but even a third place finish here will likely see them advance to the finals for a third straight season.

If the current spot is third here and the Toronto Titans take second place over the weekend, both clubs will be tied for fourth in playoff points, but LA holds the tiebreaker in points. head-to-head (including regular season), 958.5 to 934.5.

While the Current and the Titans have only faced off twice all season, this will be the third straight playoff game between LA and London, with each club winning one game each so far.


  • Match 1 – November 11-12: 1 Energy standard, # 2 Cali Condors, # 7 DC Trident, # 8 Iron
  • Game 2 – November 13-14 # 3 London Roar, # 4 Toronto Titans, # 5 LA Current, # 6 Aqua Centurion
  • Game 3 – November 18-19 – # 1 Energy Standard, # 4 Toronto Titans, # 6 Aqua Centurions, # 7 DC Trident
  • Game 4 – November 20-21 – # 2 Cali Condors, # 3 London Roar, # 5 LA Current, # 8 Fer
  • Game 5 – November 25-26 – # 1 Energy Standard, # 3 London Roar, # 5 LA Current, # 7 DC Trident
  • Game 6 – November 27-28 – # 2 Cali Condors, # 4 Toronto Titans, # 6 Aqua Centurions, # 8 Iron


With Chad le Clos‘s competition status still unclear, this weekend’s butterfly events should belong to LA Current’s Tom shields on the men’s side. If the Clos are swimming, his recent knee injury probably still lends itself to favor Shields in all fly events. Vini Lanza and Teppei Morimoto of the London Roar will be competitive, especially Morimoto in the 200 fly, while DC’s Zach Harting and Camden murphy might also make things interesting. Harting has been a huge asset to the Trident all season as Murphy regained his form in Eindhoven. Energy Sarah Sjostrom is the main star to watch in female butterfly, albeit one from London Emma McKeon and LA Beryl gastaldello will be competitive in the 50 and 100 flies. DC’s female flight crew is a bit weak in comparison, but Linnea Mack, Klaudia Nazieblo, and Zsuszanna Jakabos should put a few points on the board in all three races.

The Energy Standard duo Evgeny rylov and Kliment Kolesnikov will have their hands full with Ryan Murphy of LA Current and London Guilherme Guido, Luc Greenbank, and Christian Diener. The DC Trident will have more male back pain and will rely on Marc Nikolayev to score the majority of their points, even though Nikolaev ran very well in Eindhoven. London Roar claims world record holders Minna atherton and Kira Toussaint, who one would expect to be dominant if it weren’t for LA bringing her own duo of Ingrid Wilm and Kathleen baker, the latter having been better in the playoffs than in the regular season. The DC Trident will be based on Ali DeLoof and Isabelle Hindley in backstroke, while Energy Standard will bring heavy hitters Marie-Sophie Harvey, Viktoriya Gunes, and Anastasiya Shkurdai.

Energy standards Ilya Chimanovich is the man to watch in all breaststroke races this weekend. Based on last week’s results, no one should really challenge Shymanovich. After Energy Standard, the DC Trident probably has the strongest male breaststroke crew with Cody miller, Felipe Franca Silva, and Tommy faces. However, LA Current and London Roar are relatively weak in men’s breaststroke and likely won’t make much noise. LA and London are much stronger on the women’s side with Imogen Clark and Kotryn Teterevkova representing LA, and Alia atkinson and Annie lazor representing London. Energy Standard will build on the teenage duo Evgeniia Chikunova and Benedetta pilato, while DC will need Tatiana belonogoff and Maria temnikova to have big swims to make them competitive in this discipline.

The DC Trident and Energy Standard have probably the most comprehensive freestyle rosters, athletic swimmers who are great at both sprints and middle distance races. Energy Sarah Sjostrom has been especially exciting to watch in the 50 free lately, while Siobhan Haughey was on fire in the 200 and 400 freestyle. Either woman could set a world record this weekend: Sjostrom in the 50 freestyle and Haughey in the 200 freestyle. DC Alexander Shchegolev had a huge encounter last week, scoring two individual wins. He’ll have to swim just as well this time around in order to keep DC relevant. The LA Current may be just as well covered on the women’s side, but currently lacks sprinting ability on the men’s side. The London Roar also covers all the basics in freestyle pretty well, both for men and women, although it will rely on its stars, namely Duncan Scott, Kyle chalmers, and Emma McKeon to clinch individual victories.

IMs should largely be battles between Duncan Scott and Vini Lanza of the London Roar and Tomoe havas of LA current. Andreas Vazaios and Jay litherland DC Trident could also make noise, although Energy Standard is somewhat weak in this discipline and will eventually rely on a combination of Kregor zirk and Kliment Kolesnikov, who specialize in other disciplines. Energy Standard is much stronger in MI on the female side thanks to Mary-Sophie Harvey, Viktoriya Gunes, and Hélène Bach Rosendahl. The ace Anastasia gorbenko and Beryl gastaldello will also be competitive, especially in the 100 IM, while the DC Bailey Andison and that of London Sydney Pickrem could be co-favorites for the 200 or 400 IM.

The relays will likely be dominated by Energy Standard and the London Roar, particularly the medley relays – Energy’s men’s 4 × 100 medley and London’s women’s 4 × 100 medley – although the LA Current may surprise, in particularly in the women’s 4 × 100 freestyle relay. The DC Trident will likely struggle in all of the relays this weekend, but if they surprise with a top-3 it will likely be in the 4 × 100 freestyle relay or the men’s medley relay.

Projected team ranking

  1. Energy standard
  2. London roar
  3. LA Current
  4. Trident DC

Energy Standard is the favorite for Game 5, although with three of the four competing teams having each won at least one playoff game, it should be a competitive competition. It is possible that the LA Current will overtake the London Roar for second place, although the Roar beat the Current last weekend, so we are giving them the advantage. However, if it is close to entering the skins, the final top-3 ranking could change. Either way, one of those teams will claim their second playoff win in Eindhoven on Friday.