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Letters to the Editor: June 9, 2022

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Jubilee Ignored

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The platinum jubilee to celebrate 70 years of reign of the Queen of Canada was an important historical event. And yet, our elected officials have chosen to ignore this unique opportunity.

Celebrating something so positive, non-partisan and unifying was a missed opportunity given that Her Majesty, as Head of State, represents us all, regardless of our racial or ethnic background.

Canada, including London, is proud to have celebrated these events and yet this most important occasion in our collective history has been ignored.

I will certainly remember these shameful decisions in every future election.

Patricia Marshall, London

Out with the monarch

Re: Michael Fagan’s Monarchy Letter Is Worth It (June 4).

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The Constitution Act of 1982 essentially gave Canada complete independence. So why do we keep giving a distant monarch the right to be our official head of state?

Fagan also claimed that having a royal head of state saved us hundreds of millions of dollars to elect one. Why elect one? The Prime Minister should be the official signatory of all legislation.

Yes, last year’s election was totally unnecessary. But government largesse should not be used to offset the costs of a royal visit.

Robert Drummond, Exeter

Hard in Ontario

Subject: LEDC is asking the city for $1.5 million to attract new workers (June 4).

We have a shortage of doctors, lawyers, etc. and yesterday’s skilled workers are retiring en masse, but governments have ignored it. Suddenly they woke up and said we need more skilled and junior workers.

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But you have to look at employers, many of whom treat their workers poorly, along with poor or non-existent benefits.

LEDC should be kept simple. Many qualified people I have dealt with have told me that it is difficult to come to Canada, be qualified and ready to work, but certificates are needed to qualify for jobs in Ontario . Their skills are sometimes better than ours, plus they have experience. But it’s not recognized in Ontario. Ontario complicates matters.

Roy Hanson, London

Absurd judgment

Subject: The Superior Court strikes down the sentencing provision (May 28).

Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility in Canada to elect our judges. Our Supreme Court’s decision and statements on life sentences are not only embarrassing, but also outrageous.

For a judge to say that increases to 25 years of parole ineligibility for multiple murders is cruel and unusual punishment and “inconsistent with human dignity” is absurd.

Haven’t the families and friends of those murdered been subjected to cruel and unusual punishments incompatible with human dignity?

Why are criminals and offenders given such leniency and why is our population subject to their continued snub to society?

Changes need to be made.

Dale Whitelaw, Bayfield


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