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Live Review: Remi Wolf at KOKO, London, 6/14/22 | gigwise

Micro-swinging, ass-shaking, water bottle-spray, high-kicking, cart-wheeling – you name it, Remi did it. Six months after his seminal show at the considerably smaller MOTH Club in Hackney, Remi Wolf returned to London on Tuesday night for a sold-out show at KOKO in Camden, the expanded venue testifying to the mad and rapid rise of author- Californian singer-songwriter. -central.

The evening is opened by indie-pop newcomer Rachel Chinouriri, who performs the optimistic “All I Ever Asked” and the tearful “So My Darling”. His set serves as a sweet calm before the storm Remi.

With no time to waste, the storm comes fast and hard as Remi bursts onto the stage with the colorful band “Liquor Store,” then straight into “Anthony Kiedis.” She pauses after these two songs to ask for a chair on stage, letting the audience know that she has a sprained ankle. Being the wild performer that she is, this chair is immediately overlooked for the rest of the set as the singer continues with the acrobatics and stage drama.

As she continues to reel off the bangers from her breakthrough album Juno, Remi keeps her merry crowd of Remjobs in a state that continually oscillates between fear and confusion. Whether it’s because of the slapstick bad-bitch intro of “Sexy Villian” or the long, baby-voice outing of “Quiet on Set,” or maybe when she switches places with her drummer/best friend Conor. , giving him the mic to recite mantras with the audience with the climax: “My new glasses are really cool”. They’re really cool, to be fair.

Either way, this pendulum between fear and confusion is definitely part of Remi’s charm. She feeds on the madness of it all.

Her meteoric success comes as no shock as the singer truly has it all: buckets of personality, style, energy, a discography of banger after banger… oh, and a unbelievable voice. That vocal takes center stage as she performs a mash-up cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” with MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” with everyone instantly rocking.

The vibrant set draws to a close as Remi signs with infectious bops ‘Woo!’ and ‘Photo ID’ from his previous EP I’m Allergic To Dogs, met a sea of ​​filming iPhones and boogy bodies. With a crowd hungry for more, KOKO rocks with kicks and chants for “one more song.” Remi obliges and sings a final encore of “Disco Man”, illuminated by the room’s gigantic disco ball – a cinematic close to a night of madness and fantasy that Remi Wolf has been waiting for so long. The London Remjobs are already eagerly awaiting his return.

Rémi Wolf played:

liquor store

Anthony Kiedis


grumpy old man

Monte Carlo

Naughty sexy


Crazy/Electric Feeling (Reprise)

good morning, good morning, good morning

buzz me


Silencer on set


ID photo

Disco Man

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