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London 1 South Match Report

Medway was scared off by the modest London Irish Wild Geese, winning 25-24 at London 1 South after the hosts clashed 25-5.

All the action took place in the second half, with Max Bullock, Alfie Orris and a penalty attempt putting Medway in control, before a yellow card for Sean Marriott gave the hosts the power play and saw a retaliation. late.

Medway and London Irish Wild Geese face off. Photo: Paul Wardzynski

Medway coach Taff Gwilliam said: “They were a much improved Irish side who fought hard.

“We’re just delighted that we got the win under these conditions, but given that we were in control 25-5 with 20 minutes remaining, we have to see how we close the games.

“If the London Irish keep this team together they will do well in the second half of the season. “

The only points in the first half were via Owen Church-Mills’ 39th-minute penalty, which also earned the home side a yellow card for persistent infringement.

Medway had his chances, however, with a denied try for Antony Clement and Tom Beaumont held over the line.

Clement was forced to leave the pitch at half-time due to a leg injury, but Medway only needed two minutes as the second half began to score his first try.

Medway took off against London Irish Wild Geese.  Photo: Paul Wardzynski
Medway took off against London Irish Wild Geese. Photo: Paul Wardzynski

With Wild Geese a man down, they sought to strike deeply but were unable to find contact. Medway counterattacked with Jack Johnson defeating the pursuit of the kick. Johnson fed Beaumont who landed at Bullock and he beat the scrambling defense to score an unconverted try in the corner.

The Irish responded five minutes later when their opening half kicked behind the Medway defense and their full-back won the race for the touchdown. The essay was also not converted.

In the 53rd minute, the hosts awarded a penalty and Church-Mills hit well for an 11-5 lead. From the kick-off, Medway took possession of the ball and gave a deep kick. Irish got the ball back and fired back – only for Orris to catch and counterattack. Orris’ pace saw him cut and score under the posts, with Church-Mills converting.

On 64 minutes, Beaumont was stopped just before the line. The home team struck and the resulting Medway scrum led for the whitewash. Jordan Stubbington controlled the practice and the home scrum half dove in as Medway was about to score, leading to a penalty try.

Medway on the charge against London Irish Wild Geese.  Photo: Paul Wardzynski
Medway on the charge against London Irish Wild Geese. Photo: Paul Wardzynski

From the restart, Medway failed to recover the ball. Irish won a penalty and a quick tap and go saw Marriott tackle the ball carrier from within 10 yards resulting in a yellow.

It was from this moment that Wild Geese threatened to return. When they reduced Medway’s defense, the ball was sent aside for a try and within five minutes they scored again. A kick to the back of their opener saw them win the race for the touchdown against a shorthanded defense. The conversion reduced the gap to eight points.

With just five minutes to go after stopping a catch and drive, Irish pushed his way around the corner and added the extras to move within a point of the visitors. However, with Medway now restored to full complement, the hosts couldn’t get their half out in the minutes that remained.

Medway, third in the standings, will travel to Hammersmith & Fulham, fourth on Saturday.