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London Borough of Culture Lewisham festivities begin today

Lewisham isn’t one of those boroughs that steals the show and always comes up with shiny new pop-ups. But there’s plenty of culture to spare, so it’s exciting to see it take center stage as its London Borough of Culture reign begins. The year-round festivities begin today (January 28), with a full schedule of events throughout the region. The centerpiece is the unveiling of a new work of art in the unlikely setting of Lewisham’s shopping centre. ‘Identity Tapestry’ is the work of American artist Mary Corey March, who will invite locals and passers-by to use hand-dyed yarn to add to the tapestry, responding to statements such as ‘My animal is my child ‘ or ‘I care about the environment’ to create an imaginative inquiry into people’s thoughts and beliefs.

Photography: Mary Corey March

The spirit of Lewisham will also crash in central London tonight, with the screening of the new short film ‘We Are Lewisham’ on the famous lights of Piccadilly Circus at 6.30pm. You can also catch the film around the borough at Lewisham Shopping Centre, Broadway Theatre, Goldsmiths University and Downham Health and Leisure Center from 6pm to 9pm.

The grand opening day also includes pop-up musical celebrations called “Commuter Commotions” at stations across the region, as well as pop-up workshops led by local artists, from sculpture to singing to spoken word performances. It’s just the start of a year of culture in the borough: there’s still a lot to announce, but for now, we’re loving the sound of the Revolution Through Music concert series, which will celebrate music and activism through local talent, including Dave Okumu Award nominee Mercury.

And looking forward to this summer, the borough will host a sandy beach as part of the work ‘Sun and Sea’, winner of the Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion Award, which will fill Deptford’s Albany Theater with sand. to draw attention to climate change. Perfect for lounging and soaking up the spirit of London’s shiny new cultural hub for 2022.

To find out more about this year’s lineup, visit Lewisham, London Borough of Culture 2022 website.

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