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London Boxed Party Announces Final Night & Compilation After Eight Years

The London-based grime party Boxed is coming to an end after eight years of events and releases.

A party at Corsica Studios in London this Friday September 17th will be the band’s final event, which originally launched with Slackk, Logos, Mr. Mitch and Oil Gang at the helm in 2013. Their final party will see them welcome their “wish”. list of London talent “at Corsica Studios, with sets in the night of Grandmixer, Slimzee & Boylan, and Mak10.

“Over the past few months we have been thinking and deciding that it is time to end Boxed, in the middle of our eighth year,” it reads. declaration shared on social networks. The announcement follows co-founder Mr Mitch saying he had already decided to retire from Boxed as he felt his personal musical tastes no longer matched the music generally forbidden by the night.

In addition to the end of the party series, Boxed will no longer exist as a label. A nominative compilation of 20 tracks, ‘The Last Boxed’, has been made available via Bandcamp to mark the end of the label. It features tracks from longtime Boxed associates such as Slackk and Strict Face, as well as more recent names in Swimful and Nammy Wams.

Find the compilation below and get a ticket to the Boxed party final via Bandcamp.

Listen to Boxed co-founder Mr. Mitch’s 2019 contribution to DJ Mag’s On Cue mix series here. Logos contribution to the same series, same year, is also available here.