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London convoys depart for nearly dismantled Ambassador Bridge blockade

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Anti-restriction protesters set out from London on Saturday morning in support of the blockade of Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge, which is being dismantled under intense police surveillance.

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About 50 passenger vehicles gathered in a parking lot on Wellington Road, south of Highway 401, around 9 a.m. for the convoy to Windsor.

Some of the vehicles displayed Canadian flags while others carried People’s Party of Canada flags. Some families with children were among the participants in the convoy. The motorcade left London shortly after 9.30am

The London-Windsor convoy arrives less than 24 hours after the Ontario Superior Court granted an injunction to end the occupation that has hampered traffic at North America’s busiest border crossing since Monday.

The court order took effect at 7 p.m. Friday.

Windsor Police announced on social media on Saturday morning that law enforcement efforts to end the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge had begun.

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A demonstration by anti-restriction and anti-vaccine protesters has also closed a section of Highway 402 near Watford since Wednesday. Protesters blocked the westbound lanes of the highway with farm equipment and set up a makeshift base camp by the side of the road.

One of the main voices of Blockade 402, David Buurma, encouraged an increase in turnout this weekend.

The latest demonstration of the London-Windsor convoy echoes the largest demonstration by truckers that has occupied downtown Ottawa in weeks.

The Ottawa protest, which drew truckers and supporters from across the country, began in opposition to the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for truckers and has since grown into a movement against pandemic restrictions and vaccination requirements in general.

Other Canadian cities, including Toronto and Winnipeg, have seen similar protests in recent weeks. London police took to social media on Friday to warn of potential traffic disruption caused by possible anti-restriction convoy protests in the city on Saturday. A similar event unfolded in London last weekend, with no lasting impact.