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London cyclists furious at lorry driver’s poor parking in cycle lanes and road blockage

A photo of a lorry unloading goods in west London has sparked fury from cyclists as it blocks a designated cycle lane. Slamming the industrial vehicle for being ‘illegal parking’, two-wheel enthusiasts have used the image to raise awareness of cyclist safety in London. Critics were shared on social networks where users complained about the lack of protection for motorcyclists on the roads of the capital.

The picture was taken on King Street, Hammersmith, by cyclist Stefan and it sparked a huge reaction online. Shared on Wednesday June 8, the lorry parking lot was even criticized by BBC Radio host Jeremy Vine who said he was “fed up”.

Jeremy Vine, an avid cyclist, only recently criticized the ‘annoying’ road closures that were in place ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week. His comments about the danger to cyclists the Hammersmith truck was causing were shared by several Twitter users.

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One said: “Not even legal to unload or load there, even get off there, regardless of the cycle path. Just look at the road markings.” Another person added: “It’s a double yellow line. Park a car in one and I guess an automatic ticket and a hefty fine.”

The main consensus was that the truck driver had caused unnecessary danger to cyclists wishing to use the lane. Some comments asked where the truck driver could have parked to make his deliveries instead. Stefan told those supporting truck parking that there was a loading dock across the road.

Another Twitter user also said a loading lane was available behind Kings Street on Down Place where the lorry driver could have safely parked to make his deliveries.

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