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London Eco Festival reducing its carbon footprint

2:07 p.m. May 27, 2022

In an increasingly environmentally conscious society, the potential carbon footprint of festivals can no longer be ignored.

Fortunately, a growing number of event organizers in the music industry are taking positive steps to minimize their impact on the planet, with festival-goers getting in on the action too.

One event leading the way for green credentials is All Points East, which will return to Victoria Park from August 19-28 over the bank holiday weekend.

All Points East organizers have introduced a carbon calculator on ticket purchases to balance public travel emissions
– Credit: Tom Hancock

This year, AEG Presents organizers will work alongside sustainability partners to promote environmentally friendly practices and significantly reduce the event’s footprint.

We chat with All Points East organizer Darcey Jackson about the green initiatives they’re undertaking for 2022 and how attendees can get involved.

Q: How does All Points East differ from other festivals in its approach to environmental issues?

A: All Points East follows a wide range of environmental initiatives around waste, food, energy and transportation, but we are also very proud of our community event In the Neighborhood. This five-day festival takes place between the two music weekends in conjunction with Tower Hamlets Council and includes a variety of local vendors and content providers.

It’s ‘for the community, from the community’ and highlights the local supplier chain and amazing organizations in the East London area. While it’s not what people initially think of when they hear “green”, working with local businesses is one of the most sustainable and climate-beneficial things you can do.

Q: Who do you partner with to make the festival more sustainable?

The organizers of the All Points East festival in Victoria Park

All Points East team builds on previous sustainability plans to create an even greener event for 2022
– Credit: Tom Hancock

A: We are working with A Greener Festival (AGF) to enhance and support our sustainability initiatives and strategy from 2022. We are also applying for the Greener Festival Award certification for the first time. This is a detailed assessment of our sustainability, from impacts on local ecosystems and communities, to waste, electricity, transportation, food and sanitation, to change in behavior, communications, diversity and inclusion.

AGF also performs a detailed CO2 analysis of the entire event, including audience and vendor travel, embodied carbon in food and materials, and operational emissions. This is the start of our strategy to become a net zero event.

Q: Can you give examples of green initiatives you are working on this year?

A: There are several initiatives that we have been working on and developing over the past years. To sum up a few, we have:

  • 100% HVO biofuel (which emits 90% fewer emissions)
  • 100% compostable servingware and improved composting system
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • 100% of food retailers offer a vegan option and increase plant-based ingredients
  • Green artist jumper provided to all artists and agents
  • Carbon calculator on ticket purchases to balance our audience’s travel emissions
  • Free and accessible bike parking
  • Fair trade tea and coffee
  • Supply points and free drinking water
  • Single-use plastic and plastic bottles prohibited throughout the site
  • Promotion of public transport and cycling at the festival
  • Collaboration with Music Declares Emergency to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Q: How can festival-goers reduce their carbon footprint?

Festival attendees at All Points East in Victoria Park, 2021

The festival site will have a number of recycling and disposable waste areas, as well as free and accessible bicycle parking around the perimeter
– Credit: Tom Hancock

A: This year again, we have partnered with Energy Revolution / ecolibrium and are offering an add-on option to our ticket purchases, through which customers can “balance” their travel-related carbon emissions. This money is then used to invest in community projects that generate clean, renewable energy. It’s a great way to tackle the travel problem and engage customers from the first point of the event journey.

We encourage all guests to arrive by public transport or bicycle and have increased provisions for bicycle parking around the festival perimeter. There are no on-site car parks to limit this number (apart from the blue badge car park). We also have plenty of signage to help people recycle and properly dispose of their waste, as well as Music Declares Emergency on site to interact with attendees about the climate emergency.

With AGF, we hold regular sustainability meetings as part of the pre-production of the event and work with all departments to not only provide guidance, but also gather feedback to shape development initiatives. sustainability of the event in the future.

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