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LONDON-FANSHAWE: Riding a rare NPD double fortress in London

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Shaped like an upside-down ‘L’, the mostly urban constituency is home to London International Airport and nearby industries, Fanshawe College, defense giant General Dynamics Land Systems and much of the White Oaks district. The constituency extends north and east to the city limits, encompassing some of London’s rural areas. The constituency’s population grew by 6.4% from 2016 to 2021, during the last census cycle, the slowest growth of the four constituencies in the London area.


The problems affecting Ontario’s agri-food sector will be felt in this riding, home to many of the city’s largest food processors, including poultry processor Cargill, frozen pizza plant Dr. Oetker and McCormick’s Spices on Clarke Road. Like other constituencies in the region, pocketbook issues — housing affordability, rising transportation costs and other cost-of-living issues amid decades-long inflation — are likely to resonate with voters.

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In a city where the NDP held three of the four seats in the last Parliament, London-Fanshawe has been something of an NDP stronghold, the only constituency in London that the NDP also holds in Parliament. The provincial seat has belonged to the NDP since the party took it from the Liberals in 2011. The constituency of East London, created in 1999, has not been won by the Progressive Conservatives since the second majority government of Mike Harris in general elections that year. London-Fanshawe gained territory from both London North Center and Elgin-Middlesex-London in the redistribution of constituencies in 2012. Federally, the seat has been an NDP stronghold since 2006, held first by former NDP MP Irene Mathyssen who retired from politics in 2019 and was replaced by her daughter, Lindsay Mathyssen, who won the seat in that year’s general election.


Teresa Armstrong, NDP*
Stephen Campbell, none of the above parties
Dave Durnin, Freedom Party
Zeba Hashmi, liberal
Jane Kovarikova, PC
Doug MacDonald, Ontario Party
Adriana Medina, New Blue
Paul Plumb, Consensus Ontario
Zack Ramsey, Green

*MPP in the last legislature