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London has been crowned the most vegan city in the world

For the fourth year in a row, the English capital has come out on top when it comes to restaurants and plant-based dining options.

Just a few years ago, the thought of being vegan and dining out was enough to see you abandon all your plans in favor of Ottolenghi’s cookbook and another night out. Options were few and far between, with so few vegan outlets, the journey to find one made the whole experience an ordeal. Sure, you can always ask a non-vegan restaurant for iceberg lettuce in a bowl with beans, but when it comes to wanting flavor, creativity on a plate, and some sort of originality from the apart from the chefs, the vegans found themselves lacking.

Of course, all that has changed in recent years. Now, you’ll likely find a vegan restaurant on every corner, while some suburbs are known for their vibrant pockets of vegan food options that appeal to even the most die-hard meat eaters. But if you’re wondering where the best place in the world is for a vegan, it turns out that London is the most vegan-friendly city, according to the 2022 annual list of the Top 10 Vegan Cities.

These rankings come from vegetable catering platform, HappyCow, with the 2022 list being the first to be published since before the Covid-19 pandemic. For the ranking, the cities were considered according to a number of criteria, such as the number of vegan restaurants within 10 km of the city center, as well as the number of fully vegan businesses such as shops and bakeries, as well than the perceived overall growth and degree of activity of each city’s plant communities were.

Given these elements, London came out on top with the English capital which has more than 400 entirely vegan establishments. As well as the wide range of options available to Londoners, there has also been an explosion of new vegan shops, events and businesses, making it an excellent location for those looking to commit to a lifestyle. vegan. Not only will you find some of the best vegan restaurants here, but also non-dairy cheese makers and meatless butchers.

Berlin came second, largely thanks to a Germany’s recent push to reduce meat consumption. Incredibly, since the country expressed would like to reduce their overall meat consumption, the average annual consumption fell from 138 pounds of animal protein to 121, reflecting a reduction of 12.3% per person. Between 2016 and 2020, the number of vegans in Germany also doubled.

In third place was New York, which is also looking to make veganism a more popular option. Just recently, it was announced that all hospitals in New York would serve vegan food as the default option. But perhaps most surprising of all on the list was the inclusion of Melbourne – the only city in Australia to feature in the top 10 – at number four. Reflecting a shift in mentality here in Australia towards meat-free products, the town is becoming known as a meat-centric place Down Under.

Speaking about the 2022 results, Eric Brent, Founder of HappyCow, said: “After a significant decline in 2019-2021, the growth of vegan restaurants around the world continues at an even faster pace than what we experienced in 2019. .” He added, “I am happy to see veganism exploding, attracting more people and plant-minded businesses around the world to grow the movement together!

See the full list of cities below.

The best cities in the world for vegans

  1. London
  2. Berlin
  3. New York City
  4. melbourne
  5. Singapore
  6. Los Angeles
  7. bangkok
  8. amsterdam
  9. Warsaw
  10. Barcelona