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London Journal: Saviors or Predators?

Calorie Obsession

It used to be that the worst thing you could say about restaurant menus was the gendered names of the dishes on offer. But at least they didn’t deter you from eating your favorite dish.

But now menus will come with red flags everywhere: new regulations force chain restaurants and pubs to display the calorie count of each dish as part of the government’s campaign against unhealthy foods and obesity.

And, according to experts, some of the most popular dishes are likely to have surprisingly high calorie levels.

“Restaurant menus already publishing calorie counts before the new rules show that roast beef with all the trimmings can reach 2,000 calories, four times the number of a Big Mac. The menu of a north London gastropub features a dish of roast pork belly at over 2,600 calories. The recommended daily calorie intake for men is 2,500 and 2,000 for women,” the Times reported.

It’s just one of a long list of popular dishes, including appetizers and desserts, that are surprisingly high in calories. Predictably, the move was met with backlash from diners and chefs alike, saying it would do little to combat obesity or promote healthy eating.

“Eating well and eating healthy isn’t necessarily about calories,” says a celebrity chef from London. Eating was all about nutrition and a balanced diet, he argued.

Common sense takers?